5 Reasons Why You Should Complete Your CPD Overseas!

Sometimes, we want more from our short breaks than a few days lying in the sun.

Here’s 5 reasons why combining your annual leave with an overseas CPD verifiable masterclass is a great idea!

1. Learn from the Best!

If you are looking to spend time with an industry expert, an overseas masterclass will provide you with access to high level content.

Providing you with tailored education; learning typically includes a hands-on element and is also CPD verifiable.

A shining example of this is our much loved Vanini course, taught by Dr Vanini - one of the leading restorative dentists, in the beautiful Ligurian Riviera.

Delegates enjoy hands-on and theory sessions with an industry expert, achieving 14 hours verifiable CPD.

2. Bring Your Partner

Often, overseas classes include a partner rate.

This is an exclusive offer which is perfect for those wishing to share their experience with a loved one.

Not only does this allow you to create shared memories, but you may both make joint friendships to last a lifetime!

3. Visit Beautiful Surroundings

Masterclasses often take place in areas of outstanding beauty.

This is no co-incidence. Designed to relax, and inspire, each masterclass location is carefully selected to ensure learning and relaxation is maximised.

Our recent masterclass Bleach Bond took place on the stunning Balearic island of Mallorca.

Delegates were treated to breath-taking views, picture-perfect beaches and turquoise seas.

Alongside this, guests dined in the most exclusive restaurants alongside the luxurious yacht harbour.

 4. Relax & Have Fun! 

Attending an overseas masterclass isn’t all work and no play.

Whether you prefer to do your own thing, or attend a social function – overseas events cater for all tastes!

Our highly sought after course Redesigning the Aesthetic Zone is based in Marseilles and promises plenty to see.

From the waterfront cafes of Vieux Port to the boutiques and imaginative street art of Le Panier – you will not be disappointed!

5. Network & Make New Friendships

An overseas masterclass is the perfect environment to network and create new friendships.

Typically filled with both educational and social events – ideal for mixing and mingling!

Many masterclasses also invite industry leaders, allowing you to network and form friendships with those at the top of their game.

Highlighting this perfectly was Bleach Bond, where delegates enjoyed various activities alongside leading members of the Styleitaliano Opinion leader group.

Learning with Optident

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