5 Reasons You Must Attend The UK Launch Of #Whiteology

Not sure what #Whiteology is? Here are 5 reasons why you should attend the UK launch and discover what #Whiteology is all about.

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1. See it First!

Be one of the first to experience #Whiteology – a unique approach to modern dentistry, equipping every dentist with the skills required to offer their patients the smile they deserve; using minimally invasive, predictable and repeatable results.

What is #Whiteology?

The study of beautiful and healthy smiles, divided into many specialised fields; anatomy, aesthetics, expression, confidence and wellbeing

Much more than a new discipline, #Whiteology is a unique blend of simple techniques, handpicked materials and first-class education. Attending our UK launch will not only ensure you are amongst the first to learn about this exciting new concept; but will also include theoretical and live demonstrations, ensuring you will leave with simple techniques you can put into practice immediately.

Whether your interest is anatomy or aesthetics, patient photography or communication – this diverse presentation promises to be truly unforgettable!


2. Learn from the StyleItaliano Leaders

Who better to learn from than the StyleItaliano leaders? Join Professor Louis Hardan, Dr Walter Devoto, Dr Monaldo Saracinelli and Dr Murad Akhundov to discover the StyleItaliano recipe for successful dental procedures.

Who are StyleItaliano?

StyleItaliano are proud to be much more than a group of dentists or a technique. Combined, StyleItaliano is an ‘ideas factory’, a philosophy, an education project, and a Facebook community with over 200,000 followers.

Dedicated to their rapidly growing community, StyleItaliano are committed to bringing simplicity and predictability into everyday dental procedures.


3. Network!

The UK Launch of #Whiteology is the perfect opportunity to network and connect with industry professionals. If you join us you will be in good company! Not only will you be able to network and learn from the StyleItaliano leaders, but you will also benefit from connecting with your peers, making new like-minded friends in the dental industry. 

4. Receive a Complete Kit of Brand-New Product - White Dental Beauty CompoSite

Attending the UK Launch, guarantees you will be one of the first to receive a complete kit of White Dental Beauty’s brand-new product: White Dental Beauty CompoSite, accredited & educated by StyleItaliano.

What is White Dental Beauty CompoSite?

White Dental Beauty CompoSiteWhite Dental Beauty CompoSite features concise nano-hybrid, chemical bulk fill and intelligent flowable composites, backed by invaluable teaching methods.

Using a palette of specifically selected shades including a dedicated lighter range, we have created the perfect tool box that can be used to restore healthy smiles in every day practice.

Utilising the ‘Camouflage Technique’ specific to this material, our unique Masque will conceal discolouration and provide an excellent neutral base for easy composite definition.

The #Whiteology protocol uses a combination of tooth whitening to not only enhance the colour of the teeth for a more aesthetic appearance, but to help create a uniform foundation in which to restore. 

Pictured Right: Posterior Case with White Dental Beauty CompoSite by Dr Murad Akhundov

5. Your Exclusive Discount!

At Optident, we value our customers. That’s why we’ve secured an exclusive 40% discount for all Optident customers for the UK #Whiteology Launch. To obtain your discount, simply use code OPTVIP on the Eventbrite website at booking stage before March 1st, 2019.

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