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A Colourless Fluoride Varnish With Staying Power

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Overcome the common challenges associated with applying fluoride varnish with Enamelast by Ultradent, available from Optident.

Recently, the Optident team held a product trial on Enamelast for their customers to compare with the existing brand they were using. Many participants complained that with their current fluoride varnish, patients weren't happy to wear it and would sometimes wipe it off sooner than advised. As a consequence, many practices were keen to try an alternative. 

Common challenges faced with many fluoride varnishes:

1.  Posesses a visible colour when applied to the teeth

2.  Unpleasant taste

3.  Gritty texture

4.  Poor adhesion to teeth

Following the success of the trials, many customers moved over to Enamelast. Here are some of the reasons why:

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The details make the difference

Enamelast is a pleasant flavoured, xylitol-sweetened, 5% sodium fluoride in a resin carrier. Its unique formula is made with a patented adhesion-promoting agent for enhanced retention, providing superior fluoride release and uptake. It is now available from Optident in delicious Walterberry flavour in either unit-dose or syringe application.

No one likes the feeling of gritty teeth. With Enamelast, you can give your patients a highly effective fluoride treatment that keeps their teeth feeling smooth. Why is this important? Because the more natural the varnish feels, the longer the patient will leave it on their teeth - allowing the varnish to deliver the maximum amount of fluoride ion to every tooth.

And as this solution is nearly invisible against the teeth, your patients won’t be embarrassed to smile after it has been placed.

It is also great for Orthodontic patients – especially patients who have an orthodontic sealant on their teeth. When Enamelast is applied to a tooth treated with a sealant, it recharges the sealant for even longer sustained fluoride release. In addition, Enamelast produces a mechanical occlusion of the dentinal tubules in the treatment of tooth hypersensitivity, making it ideal for those with exposed dentine or tooth whitening candidates.

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For a Fluoride varnish to provide the best results, it must adhere to the teeth for the entire recommended time.

Enamelast features a patented adhesion-promoting agent that enhances retention, which makes it easier for your patients to receive the full benefits of the varnish. This is welcome news when using on children under 3 years old. It also has a non-separating formula which helps to save precious time during treatment as it doesn't require any mixing of the separated resin and fluoride - a problem often encountered when using many fluoride varnishes.

Popular features of Enamelast:

  • Smooth texure
  • Pleasant flavour
  • Colourless formulation
  • Easy to apply

The purpose of a varnish is to keep it on the tooth for as long as possible. Make yours one that tastes, feels and looks nice; it is then less likely that the patient will brush or scratch it off. Not only is Enamelast a high scorer in all of the above, but it also performs significantly better than the competition when it comes to fluoride release. Enamelast shows a higher fluoride release than Dentsply NUPRO, VOCO Profluorid, 3M Vanish, DMG Clearshield and Duraphat (see graph below).

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Syringe delivery or unit dose blister packs available


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Enamelast is available in two no mix delivery options... 

Each blister pack includes a prefilled well and applicator brush. Simply dip the brush in the well and paint the varnish on the teeth. This type of delivery is perfect for the clinician who prefers the convenience of a one time use application. The unit dose packaging is also ideal for clinics in a hospital setting where regulations require the use of unit dose treatments in which all materials are packaged together.

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The syringe offers two delivery options. Express the varnish through the SoftEZTM tip directly onto the teeth for fast application.       Or express the varnish onto the back of your glove or into a well before painting it on the teeth. Each syringe provides enough varnish for 2 - 4 patients.

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Read more about Enamelast here.



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