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All You Need To Know About Opalescence Teeth Whitening

Ultradent’s Opalescence Teeth Whitening gels have long been recognised as the ‘gold standard’ in teeth whitening products by dentists. Here, we examine the problem the Opalescence range solves, and discuss what you can expect from the professional whitening system.


The desire for pearly white teeth has caused tooth sensitivity to increase in recent years. There are a plethora of brands on the market claiming fast and effective tooth whitening results, yet despite many promising to be ideal for those suffering with sensitive teeth and stating that they do not cause this side effect, the fact of the matter is, plenty of people experience such side effects from these products. However Opalescence tooth whitening actually does what it says.


Opalescence Whitening System

Opalescence whitening systems have a long-standing reputation for quality. Brought to you from Ultradent, an American brand, it is trusted the world over. Many Americans consider teeth an investment, and as a result, save up in order to use the popular brand – and have done since 1990. Now a market leader, Opalescence has a patented consistency that has been noted as ‘sticky’ which helps to hold the whitening tray on the teeth and ensure it does its job effectively.

What to expect

The treatment depends on the style of kit you choose from:

  • Take home syringes: These are the most popular option as they offer flexibility for patients. Available in two strengths, in order to suit wear time preferences, as well as a choice of flavours, take home syringes fit into daily life with minimal disruption. If you choose this option you will need to meet your dentist for impressions to be taken of your teeth. This is to ensure the bleaching trays fit the mouth and are able to work properly. The trays will take time to be made and when you collect them from your dentist, you will likely also have a shade reading in order to measure the results. You must wear your trays for the set time to ensure the system will work. In general, these courses take between 5 and 10 days, however on occasion, some treatments can take longer.
  • In-office whitening: This is ideal for those wanting a quick fix. This is a fast treatment that is administered in two or three 20 minute applications of a strong formulation in one single visit. Once you have started your treatment, you will be given two options to choose from.
    You can either continue to whiten your teeth at home using the take home syringes or prefilled trays until you reach your desired shade, or the in-office system can be used from start to finish. It all depends on how flexible you are and how willing you are to visit your dentist multiple times.
  • Prefilled trays: This option is perfect for those who want fast results and don’t want to wait 1-2 weeks for custom made trays. Brides and grooms and those heading off on holiday are prime examples of those who opt for this type of treatment. This option is also cheaper as trays do not have to be made.
    You are not left to your own devices however, as your dentist will show you how to wear the tray. The system uses the strongest whitening gel available in the EU, and as a result, is worn for a short period of time.

As with all whitening products, results and effectiveness of the gels can vary. It’s important that Opalescence gels are only be purchased through professional dental practices and not from untrusted sources.


Ultradent‘s main aim was to produce a safe and effective whitening product protects teeth from dehydration while improving shade stability. As a result, the product is a water-based formulation that incorporates potassium fluoride. Potassium fluoride is known to increase in enamel hardness while preventing tooth decay and decreasing tooth sensitivity (Basting et al 2003; Al- Qunaian 2005; Clark et al 2006; Amaechi et al 2006; Browning et al 2006). The Opalescence whitening kit is therefore trusted by millions to improve their smile and protect their teeth.

Did you know?

Ultradent’s Opalescence whitening gel has been recognised as the ‘gold standard’ for many years, and has even been described as ‘the most tried and tested tooth whitening product in the world.’

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