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Five Easy Ways To Increase Your Tooth Whitening Patients

According to National Smile Month, nearly half the population are unhappy with their teeth (48%), with 64% citing discoloured teeth as the main reason for being unhappy. Pair this information with the increasing number of cosmetic products and procedures now available on the market and it's clear for all to see - there is growth potential for all dental practices wanting to capitalise on the trend.

If you would like to increase the number of cases you treat, how do you aim to go about it?

Our 5 simple tips are guaranteed to make whitening the hot topic of conversation for your patients and practice team. Pick your favourite and get cracking!

1. Create a team that beams with bright white smiles


Five Easy Ways To Increase Your Tooth-Whitening Patients.

There is no greater advertisement than a team member who has had a teeth whitening treatment themselves. They will speak easily and enthusiastically about the product as they can give a genuine personal account. Also, why not nominate a whitening expert in the practice as a go to person for all things whitening?


2. Get display ready

Do you have waiting room posters and displays in your waiting room? If you do, are they up to date, clean and crisp? Ask your supplier for the newest marketing materials to keep things looking fresh – it is in their interests to help you promote your tooth-whitening, after all, the more you sell the more they sell. Many brands offer free leaflets and posters with any purchase.


3. Use the web and social media to your advantage

Five Easy Ways To Increase Your Tooth-Whitening Patients.

Facebook is a cost free way to promote yourself. Before and afters, and testimonials from real patients are a valuable way to show off your treatment in a realistic way. Short videos demonstrating how easy it is to apply whitening gel can also show how easy tooth whitening can be. Appoint a team member to be in charge of social media who will take ownership of the project. You may be pleasantly surprised by the digital marketing skills your team members possess.


4. Run a competition

In the run up to a key time of year (for example wedding season), why not have a competition to win a free whitening treatment? Ask patients to drop in business cards or email addresses and pick one out of a hat. The lucky winner could agree to before and after photos, and a testimonial; a more genuine way of advertising your treatment results. In the process, you will also bag yourself a batch of email addresses from patients you now know want to whiten their teeth. You could send a tooth-whitening discount voucher to all of them and gain additional revenue.


5. Cut out the lab costs

Five Easy Ways To Increase Your Tooth-Whitening Patients. 

How many of your patients do you think would choose tooth whitening if they knew they could afford it? 

In most practices, tooth-whitening using peroxides has become a regular treatment option, yet for some patients, although they aspire to have white smiles, they are still waiting for the right time!

Evidence suggests that “the gold standard” for whitening is still custom fitted trays using a 10% carbamide peroxide, however this is one of the pricier options ranging from £300 - £500 per treatment. The costs involved in taking impressions and sending them off to the lab to create a custom fit tray ultimately fall with the patient.

Effective whitening without a custom fit tray

Opalescence GoOpalescence Go from Ultradent is one of those systems. Created so more patients can afford to have whiter teeth, Go is an affordable treatment that can be started immediately with no additional appointments, no impressions, no tray costs and minimal chairside time. If a typical treatment is £300 - £500, Opalescence go can be offered for around half that price to the patient. It simply offers an extra option, without affecting your existing take home options.

What is Opalescence Go? 

Think of the times when your patient wanted quick tooth whitening results and didn’t have the time to wait for trays to be delivered back from the lab. Those last-minute holidaymakers, soon-to-be brides and special occasion goers who spontaneously decide on a quick boost, or that some extra sparkle is needed for the photos. Opalescence Go was made for these people.


Opalescence Go is unique to many systems as the whitening gel comes in a prefilled Ultrafit tray, making it suitable for travel, top-ups and quick starts. The tray custom forms in the patient’s mouth using heat-activated polymers. The material is an extremely comfortable fit and easily forms to a patient’s individual smile. Molar- to-molar coverage ensures the gel comes into snug contact with patient’s teeth and forms to the occlusal surface. The Ultrafit tray’s superior adaptation ensures the maximum amount of gel stays in contact with the teeth.

Isabel Bradley, dentist at Redenham Park Dental Practice, Andover, says of Opalescence Go:

"I have been using it for two years in the practice. The patients love it! It is easy to use as it comes preloaded with the correct amount, unlike other systems where they are unsure of the amount to be used. The wear time is shorter than with other systems so patients find it easier to fit in with their lifestyles. They tell their friends about the ease of use and the fact that it is much more affordable than whitening treatments with custom made trays. It also means no second visit and impressions".

Easy to use

A demonstration on how to use Opalescence Go can be achieved in seconds. Follow the 5 easy steps below...

Step 1: remove applicator trays from packaging.

Opalescence Go


Step 2: centre the tray on the upper and lower arch.

Opalescence Go


Step 3: suck down or swallow to secure the tray on the teeth. 

Opalescence Go


Step 4: remove green outer tray when inner tray is secured and swallow again.

Opalescence Go


Step 5: Smile! You are on your way to whiter teeth in less time than ever.

Opalescence Go

Quick results

This is a quick system in more ways than one. As the trays come filled with 6% hydrogen peroxide, which needs only 30 minutes to an hour a day wear time, it is the fastest acting strength on the market. It contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride), which has been shown to help reduce sensitivity. Fluoride has been shown to help reduce caries and strengthen enamel. Together they help to improve the overall health of the teeth. Opalescence Go is an ideal treatment option to complement other tooth whitening and stain removing procedures you may already offer and is therefore a great practice builder.

For Tooth-Whitening that is convenient, comfortable, ready to use, disposable, hygienic, effective and predictable, give Opalescence Go a go.


For more information on the full range of Ultradent Tooth-Whitening products click here. Alternatively call 01943 605050, or email


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