Optident: A Game Changer In Implant Maintenance

With the current rise in implant surgery, a new wave of patients needing specialist care and maintenance are regularly walking through the clinic doors. While there are still unanswered questions regarding the use of hand and ultrasonic instruments around an implant, one thing is certain: mucositis, peri-implantitis and the surgery associated with these can be avoided or dealt with effectively with regular Perio-Flow and Air-Flow appointments.

More than stain removal

According to Nastri et al (2014): ‘Air polishing is safe, faster and a more practical option than using ultrasonics or hand instruments for non-surgical treatment of peri-implantitis’. Perio-Flow is the term used for subgingival cleaning and enables the cleaning of deep pockets in a way no other instrument can.

Other advantages of Air-Flow include the cleaning of all soft tissue in the mouth, including the tongue, cleaning between orthodontic brackets and misaligned teeth, hard to reach interdental spaces, optimal fissure cleaning prior to restorations, and deeper resin penetration.

Air-Flow Master unit

The EMS Air-Flow Master allows the clinician added control during cases where supra- and subgingival work is required, as it offers the option to customise with different powder chambers and handpieces. When implant maintenance is the focus, Perio-Flow is a non-invasive way to flush out bacteria surrounding an implant without damaging the implant or soft tissue. The Perio-Flow nozzle comes with disposable tips that fit onto the end.

Erythritol-based Plus powder has a superfine average grain size of 14 microns and the glycine-based Perio powder has a grain size of 25 microns. Use both for deep periodontal pockets from 4 to 10 mm on natural teeth and implants. The Plus powder contains chlorhexidine, so in certain cases the Perio powder will be suitable. For supragingival biofilm and heavy stain removal, use the sodium bicarbonate-based Classic Comfort. For light to medium stains, the versatile Plus powder can also be used.

EMS courses, in partnership with Optident

Can you imagine never having to use a hand instrument on your regular patients again? Learn how this can become a reality. With a fresh set of dates added to the calendar to satisfy demand, 2017 sees Faye Donald and Jolene Pinder teach all things Air-Flow and Perio-Flow.<br> The informal courses cover the science behind the efficacy, techniques, and powders; and a hands-on session all backed up with case studies to put things into context. It’s not just about educating the user either; learn how to sell to the concept of Air-Flow to patients and your team back in the surgery. Read more here

Build your business

Any patient who has spent thousands of pounds to improve their smile with an implant looks to professionals for guidance on the best aftercare. If this includes Air-Flow incorporated into a care plan, he or she will understand that it comes as part of the deal.

Long term, your patient base will increase due to all the positives this kit will bring; not only can you provide the best implant care plans but the best can be offered to all patients. Return on investment is easy with a clear business plan and the practice team playing their part in educating your patients.

Read more about Air-Flow here

REFERENCES Nastri L, Miraldi G, Ripoli R (2014) Treatment of peri-implantitis using an air polishing device with erythritol powder or mechanical debridement: a randomized, controlled split mouth clinical study. Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, Naples, Italy.

Source: FMC

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