How To Be A Success In Tooth-Whitening - Train Yourself And Your Team To Be Experts With This Guide.

Delivering high quality tooth whitening treatments is an essential requirement for any forward thinking practice. Dental professionals are busy people with many demands on their time, and making the time for learning and development through courses for yourself, and your team, can sometimes be a challenge.

If a tool could be brought to your door that educates and informs yourself and your team, opens up achievable goals in practice to increase your whitening business, which is easy to read, in an attractive and digestible format, then you’d be silly not take it right?

If you answered yes, The Definitive Guide to Tooth-Whitening is for you. And your team.

Why you need to read the Definitive Guide To Tooth Whitening.

train yourself with the definitive guide to Tooth-Whitening

White Dental Beauty and Styleitaliano have created the ultimate teeth whitening hand book for your surgery. The Definitive Guide to Whitening is the resource for all dental professionals, equipping you and your team with the current facts surrounding tooth whitening, including what key drivers are fuelling the demand.

It outlines the various options available on the market today, gives you the key to marketing of tooth whitening to consumers, examines the all-important bottom line, and how you can expect profits to grow.

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The collaboration of White Dental Beauty’s experience and knowhow in tooth whitening combined with the clinical expertise from Styleitaliano brings you a tool which enables you to “deliver what today’s consumers want, while empowering you to stay one step ahead of competitors.”

Who are White Dental Beauty and Styleitaliano?

Who are Whire Dental Beauty and Styleitaliano

White Dental Beauty is a tried and tested worldwide leading tooth whitening brand, known for high quality products with clinically proven and predictable results. They work with the world’s leading clinicians and top opinion leaders to push the boundaries of tooth whitening innovation. Their newest innovation - the intelligent pH acceleration formula, NOVON, enables patients to whiten quickly and effectively in less time. With the biggest range of concentrations to suit a patient’s needs, a full marketing package and a bespoke practice branding service, White Dental Beauty are a leading authority on all topics relating to tooth whitening.

White Dental Beauty create The Definitive Guide

Styleitaliano's recipe for success in dentistry is: ‘Feasible, teachable and repeatable’

Quite fittingly, the Styleitaliano recipe for success in dentistry is: ‘Feasible, teachable and repeatable’. Their mission is to offer all dentists an independent vision and an understanding of the best methods when creating effective, affordable and minimally invasive dentistry to improve both health and aesthetics. Originating in Italy, and in recent years growing into an internationally known group of expert clinicians, they now have more than 109,000 followers on social media. Their influence, combining experience with research and clinical tips, has spread globally through regular posting of videos, case studies, photos and articles on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and even Pinterest. Styleitaliano recognise the standout qualities of White Dental Beauty and have made it the only whitening brand they endorse.



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Who will benefit from the guide, and how?

Your patient, you and your team, as of course you need the support of a fully knowledgeable team to make a real difference in your practice. Here’s how:

The patient

Tooth-Whitening patients

All your patients are different. Here are some examples of scenarios where the Definitive Guide can help you educate, develop trust, and more importantly, treat patients effectively:

Can you or your team answer all the following questions? Test yourself….
Patient A - Her teeth have become discoloured over time...

She has lost confidence in the appearance of her smile and would like to whiten her teeth. She has read about low cost treatments that can be bought online or over the counter but she has also read that dentists are only legally allowed to prescribe Tooth Whitening. She trusts your opinion and wants to know about the quickest way to whiten teeth, and if it will hurt.

Patient B wants to know what technique has been proven to be the most effective, and safe?

She also wants to know what the difference is between Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide. She would like reassurance that whitening is a suitable treatment for her before taking the next step and looking at the whitening options you offer.

Patient C wasn’t aware you did whitening...

Apart from a few leaflets on the desk among all the other dental leaflets, you have not advertised the treatments in the waiting room. He asks the practice receptionist if you have any pictures of before and after photographs and whether it is something you would recommend he could do as he has visible crowns in the anterior zone and would like to know if are they suitable for whitening also.

Armed with the extensive research and facts collated within the definitive guide, you have a great insight into many patients’ interests, needs and motivations. Ultimately, this gives you the ability to empathise and proactively respond to their individual needs; leading to a better service.

The Clinician

White Dental Beauty Dentist

Do you understand the whitening market? Are you aware of how much the whitening industry is worth? Dig a little deeper and read the statistics determining which types of treatments suit different patients and why. Through extensive research, the guide has cleverly broken down the market into specific buyer types to help you focus on which patients would be a target candidate for the kind of whitening treatments you want to offer.

This guide is like an A-Z; want to know more about good tray design? We have it covered. What about the legalities? In order to be confident in promoting your services, it is important to understand the laws relating to Tooth Whitening. Do you understand how whitening works, what strengths are permitted and who can administer them? Did you know that tooth whitening can be administered by hygienists and therapists under the prescription of a dentist?

The guide is full of useful information. Perhaps it will uncover reasons why you may not have performed as well as you would like. It may present solutions to your challenges and lead to a change in your practice strategy.

The whole team

Read The Definitive Guide to Tooth-Whitening

Without question, a knowledgeable team which confidently talks about whitening will set you on the path to more whitening treatments. Make the Definitive Guide your surgery go to manual for all.

Give your team the confidence to market and sell effectively to their patients. For example, have all your team had a treatment themselves? They are a powerful walking advert for the treatment and can speak from experience. And in your waiting room, how do you advertise your treatments? How do you display your kits? Your team can communicate with your patients not only verbally but also through displays in your waiting room.

While the entire dental team is involved in initiating dialogue about cosmetic dentistry and recommending procedures, dentists instigate the large majority of new business (82%), but hygienists (42%) are playing a large role in treatment conversations as well. (source: AACD, 2015).

The Definitive Guide sheds light on the importance of team work and how keeping the discussion alive contributes to the making of an expert whitening practice. Make the guide available to all to read, and set aside time for each team member to become familiar with it and to consider how they can make a difference in the practice by implementing the useful tips and suggestions packed inside.

Do we have your attention?

Whether you are a dentist, manager, owner, receptionist, nurse, therapist or hygienist, The Definitive Guide To Tooth Whitening has something for everyone. The Guide cannot tell you exactly how to become a successful whitening practice, that is your task, but the information it holds in its whopping 47 pages will give you a fantastic head start in the right direction.

There’s no catch and no hidden cost, all you need to do is enter your email address and it’s yours to use as you wish. Someone has done all the hard work for you. Take advantage, download and get reading…

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