Tools For A High Quality Temporary Restoration

Ardie Hagoort, International sales manager for Kettenbach shares how to create temporary restorations with Kettenbach impression materials and Visalys Temp.

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About Ardie

Ardie has worked for many years for well-known International dental companies and since 2002 as an independent entrepreneur for the German company Kettenbach. Ardie is an ambassador for Kettenbach materials and passionate to promote the intelligent solutions, especially in impression materials, that Kettenbach offer. Their aim is to help clinicians and give the best possible advice so that they can concentrate on what is most important - their patients.

We asked Ardie ….. Why is a good temporary restoration so important?

“If the clinician takes the time to ensure a quality provisional restoration is made, the patient will have an aesthetically pleasing, wear resistant, long and comfortable provisional restoration that is long lasting – even for implant recovery times. Life is also made easier in the long run for the dentist; time is spared later on from correcting and adjusting or even re-making. The restoration will ensure minimal to no tooth movement and good gingival health. It also protects the pulp – smooth surfaces help to prevent biofilm and build up of plaque. The process begins with a quality impression – paramount to the quality of the final result of your restoration.”





Step 1 - Take a good impression with Silginat

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“My first tip - try Silginat instead of alginate!” says Ardie

It was specifically developed for alginate applications but with the advantages of an A silicone

Use Siginat for:

  • taking impressions of the opposing jaw
  • temporary crowns and bridges
  • fabricating splints


“Silginat is less messy than alignate. Silginat can be poured several times and it is much easier to use than alignate.”Dr. Thomas Krull Oak Forest, IL


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Lets look at the reasons why Silginat is better than alginate...

  • Silginat has the advantage over alginate as it is smoother and it is reusable.
  • It possesses the elastic recovery of a modern A-silicone as it can be stored for several weeks. This means you can reuse many times for example if the first restoration was lost or damaged.
  • It has a shore hardness of A 45 for easy releasing.
  • It has a high flowability which means the material flows very easily and incorporates crisp detail and precision.
  • Working time is good for the clinician, with a convenient short intraoral setting time (90 secs) for patient comfort.
  • Low tear resistance means you can easily remove without loosening prosthetic restorations or orthodontic appliances.
  • You can disinfect the impression without changing its dimensions – it won’t swell.
  • It is also more economic than putty in terms of price when creating temporary crowns and bridges.



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Step 2 – Create a quality restoration with Visalys Temp

A dentist should be able to fabricate stable, aesthetic and attractive temporary restorations with minimal effort using a good quality temporary crown and bridge material. Visalys is a hardwearing material with an extremely high final hardness.


“None of my temporary restorations fractured or had chippings during wearing. Excellent product!” Dr. med. dent. Hilger, Germany


Why should we choose Visalys?

  • Fast setting makes it extremely time efficient and it can be relined if the smear layer is still on.
  • Visalys almost needs no finishing at all – simply buff with a cotton roll - as it has a smooth surface.
  • It has a natural looking fluorescence and translucency
  • Easy preparation when trimming
  • Available in several shades



visalys temp product image.png



We asked Ardie.....


What does Visalys offer that other materials don’t?

“The ability to reline, it’s unbeatable hardness, it is bisphenol A free and has great aesthetics!”


How do you overcome the challenge of your composite bonding to existing restorations or core build up?

“Simply wipe Vaseline or saliva to the surrounding areas."


Can clinicians use Visalys for implant patients?

“Visalys is so hardwearing, it is suitable for the implant recovery period and can last at least up to three months.”


 Can I use the same gun I already have?

“Good news for Luxatemp star or Protemp users, the same Applyfix 6  4:1/10:1 cartridge gun can be used.”





Visalys comes top in clinical results

In a study carried out at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, the fatigue behavior of provisional crown and bridge materials was tested by S.Datz, W. Dasch and A. Petschelt. 
Visalys fared better than brands: Protemp 4, Luxatemp Fluorescence, Luxatemp Star and Structur Premium in tests to measure the following:
  • modulus of elasticity
  • flexural strength
  • flexural fatigue limit

temporary fixed partial denture (002).jpg


“Within the limits of this study, the mechanical properties of VIS show significantly higher values for modulus of elasticity, flexural strength and flexural fatigue limit compared to commercially available provisional materials. Therefore VIS may be a suitable solution for long term temporary restorations.”


 modulus of elasticity chart.png

Modulus of Elasticity (ME) of different temporary crown and bridge materials.


strength level chart.png

 Flexural Strength (FS) in comparison with the Flexural Fatigue Limit (FFL) of temporaries.


individual results chart.png

Individual results to determine the Flexural Fatigue Limit (FFL).


Visalys Temp mit Silginat 2-scr.jpg

So what's the verdict?

Silginat and Visalys temp create the perfect double act; A duo which enables a fast, efficient and durable temporary restoration. Why not give them a try today?


About Kettenbach

Kettenbach is an internationally oriented family business based in Germany. They have been developing and marketing products for the fields of dentistry and medicine for almost 65 years. Standing for intelligent, straightforward and reliable solutions that are ahead of their time, they have evolved into a major player on the global market, particularly as a specialist in the field of impression materials. They consistently focus on the in-house research, development and production of their materials, with a high level of innovation and quality and have always had a particular focus on the user. In addition to classic silicone impression and bite registration materials, Kettenbach also offers materials for a wide range of supplementary products such as mix systems, adhesives, disinfectants and casts, among others. Due to their focus on a coordinated system of materials, which takes into account every step in the impression process, they are able to deliver the accurate results expected by dentists, dental technicians and patients alike.


To request a demonstration on Kettenbach materials, to order or for more information call 01943 605050 or email




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