Get Yourself Out Of That Sticky Situation

…With Transcodent's Honey Spoon-Shaped Appliquator

In the constant pursuit of tools to help us save money and work smarter, it seems that sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference. With this in mind, Optident has added this nifty little money saver to its range of innovative products. Produced by Transcodent, a spin off from German company Transcoject, the Appliquator is a completely reengineered patented solution for the application of dental liquids and gels. It is available from Optident alongside a selection of luer lock handpieces and luer lock suction needles from Transcodent.

Precision moulding

This product tackles the sticky problem of unwanted wastage often encountered when using fibre applicators and brushes that absorb excess product. The Appliquator takes away the risk of contamination of the cavity from applicator ‘fibres’ as it is 100% fibre free and has no glued parts, thanks to the one-piece injection moulding process during manufacture.

The precision moulded honey spoon shape containing capillary canals fits perfectly to function, as it picks up and releases precise doses of dental materials. It can be used with bonding agents, varnishes, desensitisers, cavity liners and etchants. Incorporating a ribbed grip for ease of use and a flexible head, it is easy to bend and has no dripping glue sphere, giving it the ability to flex into tight spots and making precise application an easy task.

The packs are available in regular and fine and each size is available in soft, giving four different brightly coloured options in total. An introductory kit featuring all four variants is also available. Or why not try one of Transcodent’s other products? The Transcodent luer lock handpiece is used for precise evacuation with maximal field of view. It can also be used for passive irrigation techniques and root canal treatments and can be connected to a suction hose utilising the adapter provided. Made with high quality stainless steel, it is suitable for sterilisation and has a reassuring two-year guarantee. Combined with the Transcodent suction needles, the luer lock handpiece provides an enhanced field of view and precise suction in areas difficult to access.

Use the Transcodent suction needles for endodontic or surgical interventions; the annealed steel cannula is 39mm long, easy to bend, has a luer lock thread and a rounded tip. Available in blister packs of 100, the four-gauge sizes range from 2.1, 1.6, 1.2 and 0.9mm. They come in different colours for easy identification in practice and when reordering.

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