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16 October 2017

Dr Devoto: White Dental Beauty Review

Dr Walter Devoto, co-founder of Style Italiano and world leading dentist, has been using White Dental Beauty products for several years. Walter has his own practice in Sestri Levante in Italy and has a passion for restorative dentistry and is the author and co-author of several publications in international scientific journals and is an international lecturer and trainer at many European Universities. 

In this video, he discusses his experience with the advanced tooth whitening system and how he uses it as part of restorative treatments.

"Personally, I choose White Dental Beauty because it's cool." 


 “White teeth means a bright smile and a healthy smile. In my opinion to advertise the idea of offering a bleaching to our patient it's really something cool. The minute we conquer the patient, we are conquering their happiness and we can include in our treatment very easily. For instance, in my treatments when I restore anteriors with our technique I usually want to organise teeth whitening beforehand to simplify my job process. Why White Dental Beauty?  Personally, I choose it because it's cool. There is fantastic packaging that people like and patients in my opinion really appreciate this marketing material. So, use White Dental Beauty. Ciao!”

Dr Walter Devoto - White Dental Beauty Review from White Dental Beauty.

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