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16 October 2017

Dr Salat: White Dental Beauty Testimonial

Style Italiano’s Dr Anna Salat is an expert dentist with superior knowledge and experience in conservative dentistry and aesthetic restorations. Dr Anna Salat graduated with a degree in dentistry from the International University of Catalonia (UIC) in Barcelona. She continued her postgraduate studies in implantology and aesthetic dentistry, earning a master’s degree from UIC. Dr Salat is particularly interested in conservative dentistry and aesthetic restorations and lectures internationally on these topics. She has contributed articles to a number of international journals and is author of the book Layers (Quintessence 2012).

In this video testimonial, Dr Salat talks about the benefits White Dental Beauty offers to her patients. This includes quality whitening results, good sensitivity management and helpful videos.

“I use White Dental Beauty in my daily practice. I am satisfied it gives nice results and it has good sensitivity management so my patients like it too.” 



Dr Anna Salat - White Dental Beauty Testimonial from White Dental Beauty.

“Hello, my name is Anna Salat. I have had the opportunity to try the White Dental system called White Dental Beauty from Optident. After trying it I really like it. I use it daily in my practice for many reasons: the first one is because I am achieving good results so I am satisfied and also my patients are satisfied too. The second one is because it has good sensitivity management so my patients almost never have to stop the treatment because of sensitivity. The third and maybe the most important is because it has very nice product with a good marketing strategy behind it. It has great bags, good packaging, different colour, videos for patients, really nice brochures. So I’m really satisfied with it and I’m using it daily and I would use it in the future.”

To learn more about how you can use White Dental Beauty or where you can purchase patient kits, top-ups, refill kits or trays visit our web shop here. 

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