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Closing the Gap

In Direct Dentistry

It’s time to put an end to aggressive restorative treatments. We need to transform our approach to restorative dentistry, with the help of progressive products and techniques.

Get your free copy of Closing The Gap In Direct Dentistry for clinical cases, video cases, and best practice advice on modern, conservative solutions to three critical and common problems:

  1. Black Triangles.
  2. Class II Restorations.
  3. Peg Laterals and Closing Diastemas.

Created with the help of Dr David Clark, dentist, inventor and founder of the Bioclear Matrix System and Method — Closing The Gap In Direct Dentistry is a 62 page comprehensive guide to conservative restorative dentistry.

Download your copy and discover the products and techniques you need to transform your offering to patients, and create longer lasting, stronger, and aesthetically superior composites.

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Closing the Gap in Direct Dentistry