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Discover how laser dentistry can power the future of your practice

Lasers have many uses in dentistry; from cutting hard and soft tissues precisely with minimal trauma to destroying bacteria and stimulating cells for quicker healing with minimal post-operative discomfort or swelling. 

Laser light can be absorbed into chromophores within the body without damaging the surrounding tissues. This absorption is dependent on the wavelength of the laser; diode laser wavelengths are mainly absorbed into melanin and haemoglobin, whereas erbium laser wavelengths are mainly absorbed into water and hydroxyapatite. 

From low level laser therapy to soft tissue treatments, lasers can make a real difference in the practice. To request your free Laser demonstration fill out the form on the left.  If you have any questions about lasers or wish to ask about pricing please call +44 (0)1943 60 50 50 or visit our website here.