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Back To Back Diastema Closure - A Video Case

There are many problems associated with direct composite treatment of diastemas, including compromising the root/crown architecture and increasing plaque retention, with subsequent deterioration in periodontal health.

However, there is now a modern method that has been designed to help you overcome these difficulties.

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The Bioclear Method

This advanced, modern approach includes careful placement of composites using ideal tissue retraction, balanced use of flowable and paste composites, the staged wedging technique, and pre-curved/dedicated diastema closure matrices.

Watch it in action here, and see how one patient was successfully retreated using this method.

Using the Bioclear Matrix System with the Bioclear Method, you can now offer a superior alternative to porcelain techniques with direct composites. As well as promoting gingival health and enabling papilla regeneration, they rival the aesthetics of porcelain veneers so you can offer patients the minimally invasive, aesthetically superior results they want.

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