Best Ways To Transform Smiles And Grow Your Practice

What is a Confident Smile Makeover?

It incorporates a clear aligner system, professional tooth whitening, and cosmetic bonding treatments to transform patients’ smiles and confidence. A full Confident Smile Makeover consists of 4 stages:

Renew. A way to elevate the natural whiteness of your patients smile with a simple and cost-effective solution. It is a cruelty free, vegan friendly and kosher approved White Dental Beauty Professional Teeth Whitening Gel. The gels help achieve results in less than a week.

Reveal. This next generation aligner technology uses ClearWearTM, a crystal-clear material that is thermoformed to help your patients’ uniquely improved smile have ultimate clarity and accuracy.

Revitalise. A non-invasive treatment that can completely transform your patients’ teeth in many different ways with cosmetic bonding. White Dental Beauty in conjunction with StyleItaliano created the Professional CompoSite System, a simple and finely tuned kit to achieve a vibrant aesthetic restoration.

Refresh. containing 6% Hydrogen Peroxide and Phosphates - which helps accelerates the whitening process. Through the combination of Phosphates and Peroxide, The P3 technology in the White Dental Beauty Professional Dissolving Whitening Strips enhances the versatility of using the strips, ensuring impressive results with a minimized wear time.



Book a Smile Day ready for the Confident Smile Makeover Week

A Smile Day is an event that you can run in your practice at a specific time that is convenient for you and your staff. The event is a great opportunity to encourage consultations, take digital scans or impressions, and promote a full Confident Smile Makeover to patients. Running your Smile Day you can kick-start your patients’ smile journey, differentiate your practice, and increase patient referrals as well as receive personalised support from a Reveal specialist. Discover tips on how to run a successful event here.

In conjunction with the Confident Smile Makeover Week, when you run a Smile Day and approve Reveal cases within the following 30 days you can automatically unlock additional benefits!



Discover a Confident Smile Makeover Week

A week dedicated for you and your patients to enjoy additional benefits. During the 12th to 18th of June, practices all over the UK will be joining the Confident Smile Makeover Week aiming to approve as many Reveal cases as possible, within 30 days, to trigger limited and special offers.

The additional benefits involve free products, lab discounts and more! It’s a great way to initiate cosmetic conversations with your patients and improve smiles.

Discover all the benefits and more:



Showcase your Transformations within the Confident Smile Makeover Week

We love to see all your amazing Confident Smile Makeover transformations that you perform, so when you post them on Social Media don’t forget to tag our account in your posts and add the hashtag #confidentsmielmakeoverweek !

If your practice does not have a Social Media account, you can always send your transformations to our email at *

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*Please remember to ask for consent from your customer and practice to allow the results to be shared on Social Media.

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