Class IV Restoration With Unica Anterior By Dr Dan Lazar

Known for its many uses - Unica has been named as the one solution for anterior restorations.

A simple and ideal matrix, Unica is the ideal tool for class III, IV, V, direct stratification composite veneers, and shape modifications.

In this clinical case, Dan Lazar illustrates how the contoured shape of Unica assists with placement; resulting in a pleasing aesthetic result.  

Class IV restoration

Dan Lazar-1Dan Lazar: Class IV restoration with Unica anterior  

Dr Dan Lazar graduated Dental School in Cluj-Napoca in 2005, specialized in dental aesthetics and dental photography.

He is the co-founder of the Romanian Dental Photography Association, and an instructor for Voco Gmb.

He is currently practicing in Oradea and Salonta - Romania and holding lectures on dental photography and dental aesthetics all over the country.

All images are courtesy of Dr Dan Lazar. 

Case Report

The patient came to our attention for aesthetic rehabilitation; the analysis revealed an old damaged composite restoration that should be replaced on both incisors 11 and 21.

The following case shows the step-by-step direct composite restoration using the Polydentia’s UNICA anterior matrix powered by Style Italiano.

First Steps


Reconstruction with Polydentia Unica


Final Steps



The contoured shape of the Unica anterior powered by Style Italiano allows the clinician to restore the natural proximal and cervical morphologies at the same time in a very predictable way, making the matrices a very useful product for anterior restorations.

Polydentia Unica is the one solution for anterior restorations, to find out more call us on +44 (0) 1943 60 50 50 or email

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