Back To Work With The Optident Essentials

As the lockdown restrictions begin to be eased across the UK and you prepare to go back to practice following guidelines and protocols, Optident have been working on helpful solutions to aid the supply of return to work essentials. To support you in this transition, we have put together a list of the most searched products at the moment. With safety in mind, dentists all over the country are querying about these items and we thought you would like to know more about it.

1. Dental Isolation technology

Isovac Tool
Appropriate dental isolation is vital to the success of almost all dental procedures because it minimises contamination, thereby contributing to clinical success.
IsoLite & Isovac report a 90% reduction in aerosols & moisture created during dental procedures.  It is highly recommended by many KOLs and used in conjunction with PPE will help further protect dental team & patients.

2. Quality visors

Universal FitThe Light Faceshield (OP007807) will fit most loupes including many prismatic designs. 

Acetate & Anti-fog - N resistant - Made from acetate a more expensive material & superior material to prevent fogging, it is also more resistant to chemical treatment / cleaning.

EN166 compliant, which is part of the 89/686/CEE

Full face protection - When combined with a face mask, it offers excellent protection to mouth, nose and eyes. It is shaped in such a way that the upper part offers a cover from intrusion

Comfortable and washable headband.

Interchangeable & reusable visors - The visors can be cleaned and disinfected.  There is 1 in the initial package & refills are available in 5’s.

Swivel Mechanism - allows for an easy placement or removal of the loupe underneath.

First category K Resistant – protection from small injuries & protection of UV, IR, solid particles

Optical Class 1 – no distortion, wearer can use it indefinitely.(Lower class materials cannot be used more than an hour or 2)


3.  Multifunctional Clamps

Haller Clamp is a multifunctional system for ergonomic and effective dental care. It enables clear access to difficult posterior cases, whilst in conjunction with rubber dam, helps eliminate moisture and contamination. 
The 2AO, 2AUR and 2AUL are the most popular for use on both the lower and upper arches.  We also have another exclusive rubber dam clamp and frame system which comes highly recommended by StyleItaliano, the Vision Dam kit by ASA Dental.  

4. Dental Instruments

To undertake perio treatments safely, non-aerosol producing procedures, where possible are recommended. Optident offers a great selection of hand scalers. The sharpen free Double Gracey hand instruments from American Eagle are perfect to access the whole mouth in just two instruments. Another alternative is the Deppeler Smart Scaling , a revolutionary periodontal curette which allows treatment of all periodontal pockets.

5. Rubber Dam Isolation

In times like these you need a rubber dam that you can rely on. Optident offers high quality options for your practice. The Optident rubber dam is powder free, hypoallergenic and high tear resistant. This comes highly recommended by our endodontic KOLs. Another great alternative is the black Sympatic Dam from Kentzler. It is specially suited for photographs, age resistant, tough and hard to tear. 

Delivery of products to UK addresses are currently unaffected, however due to supply from some countries affected by the virus and the demand, there may be slight delays on some products. Thank you for your understanding and patience, we will keep you updated as best as we can.


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