Closing Diastemas & Recentring A Midline Deviation

In a recent case study Dr Osama Shaalan takes a direct composite approach to close diastemas and corrects a midline deviation

ShaalanDr Osama Shaalan: Dentist Platinum Dental Clinic

Osama Shaalan graduated with excellence and an honour degree from the Faculty of Dentistry at Sinai University in 2013.

He practices aesthetic, restorative and adhesive dentistry at his private clinic. Osama is the author of many articles in the field of aesthetic dentistry and is an international lecturer about restorative and adhesive dentistry, focusing mainly in composite resin restorations. He was awarded the best follower in the community by StyleItaliano at the StyleItaliano 200K Congress in Madrid in 2018.

The below explores 5 key learnings from Dr Osama Shaalan's latest case study. 

Read the full case study here

1. Digital Smile Design is a great evaluation tool 


Dr Osama Shaalan highlights how diastemas in the anterior teeth are a major challenge in clinical aesthetic dentistry, noting how the midline position is also often affected in these situations.

These cases can often be difficult and Digital Smile Design can be an extremely helpful tool in these instances; allowing you to preview the proportions and the space available. Another use of digital smile design was to make a project to correct the midline and evaluate on which side to close the diastemas to centre the new midline.

2. Colour matching & analysis must be performed before rubber dam isolation


Colour matching is vital to achieving an aesthetic result. In this case Dr Shaalan points out how it is particularly important to do this before rubber dam isolation, noting this is the preferred method because the teeth are fully hydrated at this point. 

He states that colour matching and analysis after rubber dam isolation means there is a higher risk of mismatched colour and choosing a colour that's whiter than appropriate. 

3. Verify shade selection with photography 


Dr Shaalan recommends the use of photography alongside a polarizing filter to remove remove reflection from the teeth and help determine the value of shade selection. Using such a filter will also help you to see characterizations under the enamel layer. 

For this purpose he uses the Smile Lite MDP which has been specially designed to create the most beautiful dental photos using just your smartphone. Learn more about the Smile Lite MDP here

4. Accurate framework is essential 


As Dr Shaalan illustrates in the photograph above, layering is easy if your framework is accurate. It is easier still with a product that is easy to work with and in this case Dr Shaalan works with White Dental Beauty CompoSite, layering Si2 - a high value shade of white from the CompoSite professional system, with the optimum graduation in colour to compliment bleached or naturally white teeth. 

Why use White Dental Beauty CompoSite?

White Dental Beauty CompoSite, chosen by dentists, for dentists – Accredited and educated by StyleItaliano. White Dental Beauty CompoSite provides the perfect colour palette for restoring whiter smiles; meeting the modern demands of patients for impressive and affordable smile design. A simple and finely tuned toolbox offering high quality aesthetic results in everyday practice. This composite system offers excellent working time, with high wear resistance, excellent handling and a glass like finish. CompoSite is the perfect system for youthful and vibrant aesthetic restorations.

Learn more about White Dental Beauty CompoSite here 

CompoSite CTA

5. Finishing procedures are crucial for an amazing result 


Dr Shaalan advocates the use of a polishing system, citing finishing procedures as a crucial final step. He notes how these procedures enable you to get an amazing result; allowing you to polish the composite surface (above) using different tools with pastes and water-free approaches to achieve a highly glossy surface. He demonstrates how the end result is a patient with a satisfied smile. 

Read the full case study here

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