Hallerklammer Clamp Saves Complex Restoration

In this blog Harmeet Grewal, a GDP and Dentinal Tubules Study Club Director, explains how the Hallerklammer was the perfect fit for a crucial restoration in his practice.

Harmeet is a GDP who divides his time between a specialist referral practice in Hitchin and Square Mile Dental Centre in London. Passionate about educating himself and others, he is proud to be part of the Dentinal Tubules team as a Study Club Director for the Hertfordshire region.

He graduated from Charles University in Prague in 2009, going on to complete the following courses: Basil Mizrahi’s Comprehensive Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry Course, Tipton Restorative Course and Anterior and Posterior Composite Restorations with Jason Smithson. Harmeet is a Certified Inman, QST and Invisalign provider. He enjoys all aspects of dentistry, in particular the use of composite resin to restore form, function and aesthetics.

The 2A0 Clamp Hallerklammer is the best gadget I own

The Hallerklammer 2A0 clamp making the impossible possible

"This patient has very severe generalised wear and needs comprehensive treatment, but due to finances couldn't stretch to this. The patient had already ground down a premolar leading to exposure. I wanted to avoid a repeat of this situation, so decided to overlay with direct composite.

Trying to restore this last standing tooth would have been a nightmare - placing a clamp and then matrix would have been too tricky; this is where the Hallerklammer 2A0 is a game changer for me..."HallerKlammer

Here are the 4 steps that Harmeet used in this restoration:

Step 1. Clamp the 6 and isolate to the 3

Step 2. Restore the 5

Step 3. Remove the clamp on the 6

Step 4. Place an automatrix around the 6 and restore

The unique design of this clamp kept the dam in place, allowing me to execute step 4. 

Hallerklammer case

"This case is by no means the best aesthetic result and there are many things that could be improved, however it has bought the patient some time. This presented as an extremely awkward case that became much easier with the Hallerklammer 2A0. I couldn’t have restored the tooth adequately without it and I am so glad to have this as part of my armamentarium. I would recommend this clamp to everybody, especially those practicing adhesive dentistry under rubber dam."

How to use the Hallerklammer

This short video shows how you can use the Hallerklammer including, how to place the Hallerklammer, best practices and how to fit a suction tube to the Hallerklammer.


Benefits of the Hallerklammer 2A0

  • Retracts rubber dam for better access to 6s and 7s
  • Enables restorations of 7s under rubber dam without affecting matrix placement
  • The HallerKlammer can be used to hold saliva ejector and cotton wool rolls - helping to retract the tongue and cheek, thus reducing moisture contamination

Many other dentists love the Hallerklammer range and continually use the clamp in everyday treatments. Hear what Zak Kara, another GDP has to say about their Hallerklammers:

"My HallerKlammers are an essential 'Get Out Of Jail Free' option in my armoury. For rubber dam retraction and accessing distal units in the arch or sextant, or holding a saliva ejector in place for tongue retraction, they help me ensure a moisture-free field in even the most awkward situations and smallest mouths. Now that I have them, I couldn't work without them" - Zak Kara GDP

The full HallerKlammer range is available from Optident, to purchase your clamps, visit the product pages here.

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