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Robin Horton Picture-1At Optident, we are committed to education and are proud to work with world leading clinicians who will help develop your skills and enhance your own learning programmes. 

Dr Robin Horton is one of the UK’s leading oral laser clinicians. In addition to being a highly accomplished speaker on oral laser applications, featuring at events such as 'The Oral Laser User Conference' and 'The Dental Innovation Symposium';  Dr Horton is also an established tutor, running successful courses such as  'The Magic of Lasers in Implant Dentistry'.

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What Feeds Your Passion to Teach?

Dentistry has changed enormously since I qualified and embracing all these changes and innovations has made my job hugely rewarding both in terms of my practice and patient care. 

We have the technology to deliver safe, comfortable and excellent dental care so why not use it? I am passionate about what I do, so passionate to pass this knowledge on.

Who Inspires you the Most in Your Career?

It is dental innovations that inspire me and those who are keen to embrace these and pass them on. Andrew Dawood and Mark Cronshaw in particular have enthused and helped me. We shouldn’t keep new ideas, techniques and experience to ourselves. 

Why Do You Choose to Work with Optident?

Optident are keen to stay ahead in the dental world and, like me, are willing to explore new things. They are keen not only to sell innovative products but also provide excellent training and support.

What Gadgets Could You Not Live Without in Your Practice?

I would not want to practice without my lasers as they make my job easier and are hugely beneficial to the patient. All of my dentists and hygienists use lasers. I am also now doing implants with the X-Guide which has made implant placement even better so I couldn’t do without this or my CBCT scanner. And we all have the Wand here for pain free anaesthesia- I have been using it for over 15 years and wouldn’t be without it.

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What 3 Top Tips Would You Give to Other Dentists Wishing to Enhance Their Skills?

Don’t close your mind to something just because it wasn’t taught at dental school, be prepared to invest without getting an immediate monetary return and learn outside the UK too.

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