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Optident Wins Best Company & Product Brand Of The Year 2016

We are proud to announce that Optident are the winners for “Dental Company & Product Brand” of the year at the Dental Industry Awards 2016. 

We were really proud to be selected by an independent team of 15 industry professional leaders against such strong competition. This prize symbolises our continued commitment to team work, innovation, branding & marketing. Most importantly, the award represents our passion to deliver the best for our customers every day. Thank you for inspiring us! 

What customers say about Optident

“I have been working with Optident for many years now. They are absolute perfectionists with every product they sell and every aspect of customer service, they pride themselves on the highest quality”

— Dr Monik Vasant

“Optident have worked with me in my capacity as a dental practitioner and in my capacity as the leader of

The company has great professionalism and a very innovative approach. I like that they always bring in new, high quality products into the UK and that they provide something that no other company does.

However away from sales, Optident have also engaged with us. They understand the values of both education and engagement and build the professional relationships needed to build trust and faith in the company

This entire approach has led to the kind of service and innovation that they provide.”

— Dr Dhru Shar

"We have been working with Optident Ltd for a while and can honestly say they are a fantastic company to work with. Optident are a very forward thinking company that provide very innovative products and worthwhile courses for all dental practitioners of all levels of experience. On a personal note, they have supported the initial stages of our business very well through effective marketing, branding and are always accessible to liaise with. We could not think of a more worth candidate for the dental industry awards."

— Dental Compass Team

“For 15 years I've worked with loupes and lights and I know we all find them invaluable to perform Dentistry to the highest standard and also to protect ourselves from the toil of ill posture. I'd gone from x2.5 to x3.5 to x4.5 and was wondering where to go next. Having then recruited an Endodontist it led me towards getting a microscope. I looked at all the options from low budget to very expensive and as we do asked all my learned colleagues.

In the end my deciding factors were the service provided by Robert Bridgewater from Optident and the great feature that the Kaps has of a variable electric focus zoom. Along with great optics and illumination this allows me to easily readapt my visual field. Work has again become a pleasure, the patients are highly impressed with the care and technology and I'm able to perform Dentistry of the standard of my esteemed peers just by being able to see; I know that sounds strangely simple!

I am now lost without it and even use it for my exams where margins become easy to see even in dark wet fields. It's great for minimally invasive dentistry, getting great prep margins, seeing cracks and the Endodontist who works in several practices with several other scopes loves it. I'd recommend you give as it will be a great investment in your dentistry, health and well being”

— Dr Neel Jaiswal

“Optident are more than a distributor to me. They're a team who are truly at the cutting edge of innovation in the dental industry, always in touch with what is most up-to-date and effective in the profession worldwide. So I think of them more as my R&D department than my supplier. Beyond this, it's their approachability and attitude to their work that matters most. I think they're irreplaceable.”

— Dr Zak Kara

“Over the years I have ordered many products through Optident.  What I feel sets them apart is how they treat their customers. They are a warm, friendly and approachable team. It is never about a quick sale, the aftercare is exceptional. When I had a problem I wasn't fobbed off, every effort was made to rectify my issue, unfortunately in the end the equipment was faulty but they refunded my money no questions asked, no fuss, it is at these moments you realise what a great company they are. I have no hesitation in recommending their products and the great team”

— Dr Harmeet Grewal

“I have regularly used Optident products for the last 10 years and have always associated the company with quality and reliability of their products and materials.  Their innovative products account for nearly 50% of the materials I use.”

— Dr Moiz Mohammed

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