CompoSite can be used in conjunction with enamel for a two-layer technique

Optident Launches White Dental Beauty Composite!

Optident are pleased to announce the launch of the White Dental Beauty professional CompoSite system, designed to restore healthy smiles in every day practice. With accreditation and education by StyleItaliano; CompoSite is a dedicated restorative system, including an intelligent flowable composite, backed by invaluable teaching methods.

“Comprising of nine syringes in total, CompoSite was born from the #whiteology vision that dentists should be able to offer their patients the smile they deserve, using minimally invasive, predictable and repeatable results,” said Tim Butterfield, Managing Director of Optident. Driven by patient demand for a brighter, whiter smile, CompoSite offers five shades of white, in addition to two flowables, an enamel and a posterior.

What is CompoSite?

The CompoSite system consists of the following:

  • Si0, Si0.5, Si1, Si2 & Si3 – Known as the ‘five shades of white’, these shades are designed for whitening and restorative cases, assisting with the perfect colour match for bleached or naturally white teeth. These multi-functional shades can be used for mono layering in full direct veneer cases, or in conjunction with the Enamel for a two-layer technique.
  • SiM & SiMP – These two flowable shades each provide different benefits. SiM uses an opaque light resin, instantly camouflaging the shade of the tooth and providing a neutral base for immediate restorative work. SiMP is a multipurpose flowable, which can be used as a base/liner and to cement veneers or overlays.
  • SiE – This enamel shade has been designed to blend flawlessly with all the Si universal shades, featuring a calibrated translucency. It is ideal for a two-layer technique and for simply characterising the incisal edge.
  • SiP - This posterior is homogenous in colour and is designed specifically to work easily with the ‘Fast Modelling Technique’, minimising shrinkage or fracture.


Allowing the dentist to specifically tailor the shade of white to the patients' needs, the CompoSite colour palette has been skillfully crafted, producing a fine balance of brightness ideal for any smile transformation, especially when using a direct veneer technique. The CompoSite toolkit is completed with special flowable shades, utilising the ‘Camouflage Technique’, masking any discolouration, providing the perfect neutral base.

CompoSite has been developed with optimum viscosity, resulting in excellent handling and a non-sticky consistency that is ideal for modelling and shaping. CompoSite also offers high polishability, allowing restorations to become invisible with natural fluorescence and high colour stability resulting in beautiful long-term aesthetics.

The posterior composite is homogenous in colour, it has a light scattering- universal opacity and is mimetic with the tooth, allowing this single shade to be the solution for the vast majority of posterior restorations.  It has a high filler content of 80% and is designed specifically to work with the Fast Modelling Technique (FMT), carving effortlessly and simplifying occlusal anatomy substantially with ample working time under ambient light. It is wear resistant and is very fast to polish for a quick and simple aesthetic result.  

About White Dental Beauty

In addition to CompoSite, White Dental Beauty offer four professional whitening systems, tailored to suit individual patients’ needs. Working closely with highly-experienced, renowned clinicians and key opinion leaders, White Dental Beauty’s products are proudly accredited by the StyleItaliano group.

All White Dental Beauty products are exclusively available through Optident in the United Kingdom.

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