The #Whiteology Approach In Direct Veneering

In a recent case study Dr Osama Shaalan uses the #WHITEOLOGY approach to deliver the perfect smile makeover; using a minimally invasive, predictable and repeatable approach.

ShaalanDr Osama Shaalan: Dentist Platinum Dental Clinic

Osama Shaalan graduated with excellence and an honour degree from the Faculty of Dentistry at Sinai University in 2013.

He practices aesthetic, restorative and adhesive dentistry at his private clinic. Osama is the author of many articles in the field of aesthetic dentistry and is an international lecturer about restorative and adhesive dentistry, focusing mainly in composite resin restorations. He was awarded the best follower in the community by StyleItaliano at the StyleItaliano 200K Congress in Madrid in 2018.

The below explores 5 key learnings from Dr Osama Shaalan's latest case study. 

Read the full case study here

1. Use a black background to evaluate flaws prior to starting treatment


Dr Osama Shaalan recommends use of a black background to help highlight all flaws. In this case, he uses it to illustrate all the flaws of the restorations; namely that the gingival embrasures were not properly considered when restoring the teeth, so the patient cannot properly floss and now has gingivitis.

Following this evaluation, it is decided to replace the composite veneers on the upper 8 teeth.

2. Use a quality Enamel shade to assist with building the palatal shell


Dr Osama Shaalan makes use of the White Dental Beauty Professional CompoSite system for this case, making use of the Enamel shade to build a 0.5mm palatal shell, with the aid of a silicone index.

White Dental Beauty Enamel has a non-sticky, smooth consistency and has been developed with optimum viscosity and excellent handling.

Learn more about White Dental Beauty CompoSite technology here. 

3. Shade selection is key


Dr Osama Shaalan highlights the importance of shade selection, using CompoSite shade Si 1 from CompoSite professional system to layer and then shape the mamelons.

Shade selection is assisted with this system because it includes five high value shades of white, providing the optimum graduation between the varying lighter shades – an absolute must for restorative work on bleached or naturally white teeth.

Learn more about how the CompoSite system works here

CompoSite CTA

4. Use a natural enamel shade for the final layer


For the final layer Dr Shaalan returns to the Enamel shade from the White Dental Beauty professional CompoSite system, noting how it helps to give the illusion of natural appearance and helps with incisal characterization.

The Enamel shade can really help with brightness, taking up the colour of the body material for a natural appearance. 

Why use White Dental Beauty CompoSite?

White Dental Beauty CompoSite, chosen by dentists, for dentists – Accredited and educated by StyleItaliano. White Dental Beauty CompoSite provides the perfect colour palette for restoring whiter smiles; meeting the modern demands of patients for impressive and affordable smile design. A simple and finely tuned toolbox offering high quality aesthetic results in everyday practice. This composite system offers excellent working time, with high wear resistance, excellent handling and a glass like finish. CompoSite is the perfect system for youthful and vibrant aesthetic restorations.

Learn more about White Dental Beauty CompoSite here 

CompoSite CTA

5. Aesthetic Composites are a perfect choice


Dr Shaalan notes how "Using simple, single-shade – or two-shade – techniques, combined with the concepts of Whiteology, is the path to having satisfied patients while using a minimally invasive, predictable and repeatable approach". 

The White Dental Beauty CompoSite system is an advanced system which simplifies the restorative process, resulting in long term aesthetics. For patients, it provides an affordable, aesthetic solution for long-term restorations, making it the perfect choice for no prep approaches. 

Read the full case study here

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