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The Ultimate Safety Glasses For Dentists

Can safety glasses for Dentists be effective AND stylish? Explore the range of stylish protective eyewear for dental professionals created by Univet and sold by Optident. 

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is now regarded as an essential requirement for all dental operatives. Protection of the skin, the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth in order to prevent them from exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials should now be regarded as mandatory.

It is also recognised that the ‘aerosol’ spray effect when using handpieces, ultrasonic scalers and water syringes can also prove hazardous, as can the use of dental curing lights that produce harmful irradiation. All these risk areas require a level of effective eye protection for both operatives and patients.

In recognising the needs of the dental profession for effective eye protection, Optident introduced a comprehensive range of protective eyewear to the UK dental market that is not only practical but ergonomic, comfortable, colourful and stylish from Univet.

Who are Univet?

Manufactured in Italy, Univet's design and manufacturing programme seeks to address virtually all the requirements of eye protection for dental operatives and their patients.

Univet was established in 1997 and specialise in the manufacture of high quality protective eyewear and dental loupes for both the medical and dental professions. Univet’s obvious flair for invention and design has succeeded in producing an attractive range of protective eyewear that will suit virtually all dental procedures.

The safety glasses come in a variety of different styles, and incorporate some very interesting features. Each style is designated a numbered code, and all styles utilise a wrap around design to offer maxim protection.

Safety Glasses Range From Univet

The 5X3 and 5X7 designs also have the benefit of ‘soft pad’ technology. This feature is a patented process that enables the spectacles to adapt more readily to the contours of the wearer’s face, and provides the added advantage of extra stability within the supportive areas of the eyewear. Both these designs have the option of orange coloured lenses for use when light curing.

In the 5X3 design, Univet applies its UDC (Univet double coating) process. This breakthrough technology enables the eyewear to resist scratching on the outer surface, as well as resistance to fogging on inside surfaces.

The 5X7 design can also be adjusted, allowing the user to set three different length settings.

Another useful feature found in design 5X7, 506UP, 549, and 546, is anti-fog plus. This is a lens surface hardness treatment that prevents the formation of condensation through the absorption of humidity droplets. It helps prevent fogging, and permits a clear view, even in difficult environments.

The range also includes the 553 Zero Noise clear wrap round spectacles. Made entirely from ultra lightweight poly carbonate, and weighing only 19 grams, the reduced temple section is specifically designed for use with ear protection. This can be useful when treating anxious patients that require noise cancelling headphones or are listening to music.

An alternative lightweight design comes in the form of the 568 design, which is also made of clear polycarbonate, weighs only 23 grams, but has been designed to suit smaller faces.

The company can provide full-face protection visors in the form of their model 711 anti-fog visor that is classified as optical Class 1, disposable.

These high quality products have been ergonomically designed and manufactured to offer maximum eye protection to dental operatives, together with high levels of comfort and durability. Univet states that it is one of the only companies that can offer a comprehensive range of both magnification and safety eyewear that satisfy so many diverse professions and industries, and its products conform to, and surpass the requirements laid down in European standard EN166.

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