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Recommended wear times for White Dental Beauty
8 July 2019

recommended Wear Times For White Dental Beauty

When it comes to tooth whitening, every patient is different. Patients have varying needs and lifestyles, which means it’s unlikely a single whitening product is a “one size fits all.” That’s why it’s important to offer patients a choice – and with White Dental Beauty’s professional tooth whitening systems you can do just that.

1-9White Dental Beauty tooth whitening gels are designed to be used with custom-fitted whitening trays, providing your patients with an easy-to-use system that delivers predictable, consistent results. Offering four choices of strength, White Dental Beauty can expand your cosmetic dentistry offering, allowing you to meet the needs of virtually every patient. White Dental Beauty gives you the versatility and clinical freedom to whiten patients’ teeth in as little as 30 minutes a day.   

Plus, these gels are designed to be used by patients at home – this saves you valuable chair time and gives your patients an easy, convenient method to whiten their smiles.  White Dental Beauty gels are safe, effective, and produce visible results in less than a week.

Our guide below provides an overview of White Dental Beauty’s extensive offering. Read on to see which White Dental Beauty concentrations to suggest to patients based on their lifestyles and whitening needs, as well as recommended wear times. Note: wear times listed are recommendations. The full treatment plan is determined by the clinician.

Recommend Wear Time Guide:


  • Does your patient have sensitive teeth?

Patients with sensitive teeth should use White Dental Beauty 5% carbamide peroxide Mild. Recommended wear time is two hours.  

  •  Does your patient want quick results?
We recommend offering White Dental Beauty 6% hydrogen peroxide, the strongest EU accepted gel. Recommended wear time is 30 to 90 minutes.
  • Does your patient want to whiten during the day?

Patients who want a daytime whitening option should use White Dental Beauty 16% carbamide peroxide. Recommended wear time is one to two hours.

  • Does your patient want to whiten while they sleep?

Patients who want to whiten overnight can use White Dental Beauty 10% carbamide peroxide. Recommended wear time is two to four hours or overnight.

The Science Behind White Dental Beauty

3-5So how do our products work? White Dental Beauty tooth whitening gels are powered by NOVON®, a new chemical technology which uses an intelligent pH acceleration for a maximum whitening effect. Teeth can be whitened quickly and effectively in a reduced time frame for greater patient compliance.

NOVON® has a unique inherent feature in that, on application, produces a “pH jump” into the alkaline pH range. This “pH jump” enhances the release of perhydroxyl ions for a faster whitening effect.

NOVON® containing gels can therefore produce a similar whitening effect within a shorter time frame, in comparison to whitening using a regular gel. Alternatively, within the same time frame, a similar level of whitening can be achieved with a lower inclusion level of NOVON® (Hyland et al., 2014). This should be an advantage to patients with sensitive teeth.

Watch to Learn More about NOVON®:



Whitening for Patients with Sensitive Teeth

4-3Whitening with peroxide has often been a barrier for patients with sensitive teeth. With the help of NOVON®, White Dental Beauty offers these patients the ability to whiten their teeth using an extra mild formula containing 5% carbamide peroxide.

Furthermore, all White Dental Beauty gels carry a high water content to prevent dehydration of the tooth which is believed to help with sensitivity and provide consistent, reliable results.

Tips for Helping Your Patients Whiten

In order to reach full results, patients must follow your whitening instructions at home. Luckily, White Dental Beauty provides several resources you can give to patients to make their whitening treatment easy to follow, including patient brochures and downloadable instruction sheets.

5-3Furthermore, White Dental Beauty offers refill packs in convenient packaging, enabling you to facilitate your patients’ requirements.  You can bundle all of these items neatly for your patients with the White Dental Beauty take-home bags.

This stylish packaging creates a beautiful presentation for patients, and encourages them to continue their full whitening treatment at home.  

Be sure to download our free Practice Pack which contains dozens of complimentary downloadable marketing materials, including patient brochures and instruction sheets.Get Your Guide