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Juggling a busy practice with personal development is an ongoing challenge for every dentist. But we’re committed to helping you develop your skills and expand your knowledge with accessible, practical resources.

Here you have access to a range of helpful resources all on professional tooth whitening.

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What our dentists say
I have used the White Dental Beauty system for the last 10 years and have found it to provide consistently good results with minimum sensitivity. Recent revisions to its formula with added NOVON mean that patients only need to wear the trays for a few hours a day which fits in well with their busy lifestyles
Dr Graham Laws, UK
Our patients know that we only recommend and use quality products, which is why we choose Optident’s bespoke whitening treatments. We have the reassurance of Optident quality and our patients have the reassurance of Smile Design quality.
Dr Komal Suri, UK
The Optident Whitening Kits have very cleverly packaged home-whitening in a travel kit with practice branding at a very affordable price. This has allowed us to provide an own- branded home whitening experience for our patients, and they leave with something tangible, and worthy of the value. Our patients love the packaging which they can store their whitening in. The choice of strengths also allows us to tailor the home whitening experience to our individual patients needs and sensitivity levels. Definitely a practice builder.
Dr Elaine Halley, UK
Our practice is built on trust. We have a great relationship with our patients and only offer treatments which we would be happy to receive ourselves. That is why we use White Dental Beauty from Optident. The results are predictable, the products and packaging are of high quality and because it is co-branded with our logo, we feel we are also strengthening our own practice image.
Helen James, practice manager, UK
Optident's bespoke branding service has helped our patients identify with our whitening system whilst strengthening our brand. Patients can sometimes be dubious about whitening products so when they see the kits with our brand and logo I feel they trust the product and service to a greater degree because it's backed up with The Courtyard name
Dr Marcos White, UK
When it comes to teeth whitening, reliability is the key. This is why I use White Dental Beauty. I have been using White Dental Beauty for my patients for years and have never failed to be impressed with the results. Safe, predictable and easy to use, my patients love the results they achieve. With no complicated storage instructions and ease of use there are no compliance issues. Although various formulations are available my preference is for the gold standard 10%CP. it is nice though to have other options available and the new 5%CP is a welcome addition. I'm extremely happy that I can have my practice logo added to the packaging and very satisfied with the support and marketing I receive from Optident. I whole heartedly recommend these products
Dr Gillian M Lennox, UK