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3 Secrets To Achieving Profound Haemostasis

When it comes to any aspect of dentistry, one of the biggest negative factors faced when trying to achieve quality work is the presence of blood. This challenge is further highlighted when attempting to obtain accurate impressions whilst simultaneously trying to achieve profound haemostasis. Similarly, control of haemorrhage presents an equal challenge prior to the cementation of restorations and during deep cavity preparation.

To overcome these challenges, it is wise for every clinician to be armed with a ‘tissue management tool kit’ – a selection of haemostatic agents which are suitable for specific situations. Here are a few of the top three essentials we believe every dental professional should always have to hand:

1. ViscoStat – Profound haemostasis in just a matter of seconds, ideal for posterior work

The perfect solution for profound haemostasis, ViscoStat is a viscous, fast-acting coagulant which stops bleeding in seconds. Suited for a variety of dental and oral surgery procedures from fixed prosthodontics to periodontal treatments; ViscoStat achieves fast haemostasis, resulting in less chair time for the patient. With a low pH, it also boasts patented formulas which protect the tissues, providing unsurpassed kindness to both hard and soft tissues.

At the heart of every accurate impression is a quality tissue management product. When impressions are made with fluid present in the sulcus, the quality of the impression suffers, and the impression often needs to be remade. Because ViscoStat eliminates bleeding and sulcular fluid, it creates the optimal environment for perfect impressions.

A tissue management product you can rely on, ViscoStat ultimately decreases costly impression remakes; providing dependable haemostasis and sulcular fluid control.

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Dr Fischer, CEO of Ultradent products discusses the goal behind the creation of ViscoStat:

2. ViscoStat Clear – Designed for the aesthetic zone, stops all minor intraoral bleeding

ViscoStat Clear is the ideal product for anterior teeth in the aesthetic zone because it quickly eliminates minor bleeding without leaving coagulum or unsightly residue. With a patented tissue-kind silica formula, ViscoStat Clear quickly stops minor bleeding, resulting in stain-free teeth and soft tissues (unlike ferric sulfate-based haemostatic solutions). Additionally, the clear gel allows for easy visibility and rinses away effortlessly. Perfect for anterior restorations, ViscoStat Clear does not interfere with bonding, and the non- drip gel is viscous yet spreadable.

Boasting an easy syringe delivery system with a unique Metal Dento-Infusor tip; ViscoStat Clear eliminates the waste that other delivery methods produce, ensuring an effective procedure, every time.

Whether you are taking dental impressions or seating temporary or permanent restorations; the versatility of ViscoStat Clear provides profound haemostasis, ideal for use in the aesthetic zone.

Dr Fischer, CEO of Ultradent products discusses what inspired the design of ViscoStat Clear:

3. Ultrapak Cord – Easy packing, excellent absorption, exceptional retraction

Ultradent’s 100% cotton knitted Ultrapak cord can be soaked in both ViscoStat and ViscoStat Clear.

Its proprietary knitted design features tiny loops which form long, interlocking chains. As knitted loops seek to open, this allows it to pack into the sulcus, absorb fluids, and expand for adequate retraction better than braided or twisted cords.

Ensuring ultimate patient comfort, Ultrapak also features six sizes in bright colours; facilitating easy location and removal. Providing the ultimate convenience, Ultrapak features both a high carbon steel blade in the cap for easy cutting, and a ruler printed on the label to provide easy cord measurement.

As an important part of Ultradent’s proven tissue management system, Ultrapak ensures maximum control with minimum effort.

Dr Fischer, CEO of Ultradent products discusses the vision behind Ultrapak and why it is so effective:


Tissue Management is Key

Unparalleled tissue management starts with rapid, profound haemostasis. To control bleeding and sulcular fluid, start your tissue management toolkit and experience the superior control and predictability that Ultradent’s complete line of tissue management products offer.

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