7 Steps To Sell More Tooth Whitening In Your Practice

Looking to bring incremental business to your practice? Look no further than whitening. Here are seven ways to sell more whitening products to your patients. And the good news? Anyone can implement these ideas in their practice – no sales experience necessary.
Read our 7 steps on how to sell more tooth whitening in your practice. 

1.Patient Communication

MDP PhoneAre you sending patient communications by email or text message?
If so, these are effective channels to promote your latest services and products, like teeth whitening.
Include a brief mention of your new whitening products and promotions with all appointment reminders.

2. Incentivise Your Staff

When selling whitening, it’s important that your staff are comfortable with explaining your various treatments. Set aside some time to train your colleagues on the products your practice carries, including the benefits of each, what types of patients they are best suited for, results expectations, and at-home instructions.
You can even practice role playing by acting out various situations you may face with patients. Additionally, consider starting a friendly competition! Keep track of how many whitening products are sold by each staff member in a month – the winner can be rewarded with a gift card or day off.  

3. Special Promotions 

WDB Group Shot White RTSpecials and limited-time promotions are a great way to encourage whitening purchases.
Offer patients custom trays at a reduced price when they purchase a whitening kit. Or, give a sample to all new patients.
Also consider discounts around the holidays or back-to-school time, and promote these specials in your waiting room, website, and social media.   

4. Conversation Starters

Did your patient mention an upcoming wedding? Ask if your patient and their partner are interested in whitening their teeth before the big day.

Is your patient in need of restorative work soon? Remind them that restorations cannot be made lighter so if they have been considering whitening, it’s best to do so before their dental work. 

Is your patient almost finished with their clear aligner treatment? Suggest whitening for that extra bright smile!

There are many ways to effortlessly bring up whitening with your patients. Listen for the opportunities!

5. Waiting Room Questionnaires 

Have patients complete a brief questionnaire while they are waiting for their appointments. Include questions such as: what is the reason for today’s visit? Do you have any concerns you’d like to speak to your dentist about?  Are there any treatments you’d like more information on?

If patients express interest in whitening, you can present your practice’s options during their hygiene appointments.

6. Create a Whitening Menu

Styleitaliano_WDB_SARACINELLI_CASE1_05Keep a whitening menu in your waiting room. Firstly, it’s a great way to remind your patients that your practice offers whitening.

Plus, it also outlines all the options patients can choose from and the various price points.

This allows patients to review the various solutions and find a whitening treatment for their individual budget and personal needs.  

7. Utilise Marketing Materials

Many whitening brands have marketing materials available for you to utilise in your practice, such as point-of-sale displays, brochures, posters, and digital materials for your website and social media.

Although some of these items may be purchased, many are free! Download your free White Dental Beauty practice pack, and waiting room video, and don't forget to use these tools to promote your whitening services!

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