Why Everyone’s Talking About Lucida

Lucida Composite Gloss System, has been created by DiaShine and powered by Style Italiano to form the ultimate final gloss with enviable results.

Whilst there are many polishing systems on the market, the revolutionary Lucida Composite Gloss System offers a number of unique benefits to not only overcome issues facing existing high-gloss products, but to also enhance the results achieved - offering a superior high-gloss finish. 

With that in mind, here are 3 reasons why everyone is talking about Lucida!

1. Flexibility with the ‘one’ or ‘two’ step technique  

Single Step Polishing

Unlike other polishing systems that require multiple polishing steps, Lucida simplifies the polishing process meaning that you can deliver an immediate and fast high surface polish in just one step. 

Lucida offers a combined solution for single-step polishing with the Lucida Diamond Paste and the Lucida Star felt, a disposable polishing device. For additional ease and hygiene, the latch mandrels for the Lucida Star Felt may be autoclaved and reused.

Untitled design (13)"Lucida is an all in one solution for the polishing stage" 

Dr Monaldo Saracinelli

DSC_4608a 50-1 DSC_4551a 50 DSC_4620a 50

Single-step polishing of composite restorations.                     Lucida uses star-shaped felts.                                 The result, the ultimate glossy surface.

Images courtesy of Dr Monaldo Saracinelli.

Use as part of your existing polishing workflow

Untitled design (15)The Lucida system is designed to fit seamlessly with your existing polishing routine and can be used for a final gloss after using your pre-polishing system of choice. 

For example, if you are following the StyleItaliano Direct Workflow protocol finishing and polishing routine (stage 9), you may opt to follow these steps:

Untitled design (12)-1

"Lucida is an all in one solution for the polishing stage"

Dr Osama Shaalan

Styleitaliano™-SHL_06_16 Styleitaliano™-SHL_06_17 Styleitaliano™-SHL_06_18           Pre-Polishing with a spiral wheel polisher.                         Polishing with DiaShine Lucida Paste.                                The ultimate final gloss. 

Images courtesy of Dr Osama Shaalan.

2. You only need to use a small amount of the water soluble paste to achieve a high gloss finish.

The Lucida Diamond Paste is a sub-micron hybrid water-soluble patented polishing compound, and allows users to achieve a gloss like no other.  


Using only a small amount, the paste stays and spreads perfectly on the tooth surface while polishing and goes away immediately when water is applied.

Now-a-days very few polishing systems have a reliable final gloss stage and are many times useless for the maintenance stage of the composites.

However with Lucida  Diamond Paste, you can rest assured that not only you will deliver a high gloss finish but also that this finish will last.

Lucida1.006 Lucida1.007 Lucida1.008

Images courtesy of Dr Marcin Krupinski.

To further enhance your gloss, use Lucida Diamond Paste in conjunction with White Dental Beauty CompoSite which has excellent polishability; and watch your composite restorations come to life in moments.                                                     

3. Complete up to 70 cases with 1 Lucida kit

The Lucida Composite gloss kit has solved all the problems of the conventional felt wheels on several fronts. Firstly, due to the fact they are offered at a convenient price, they are always sold in abundant amounts making them truly disposable. With 70 star-felt shaped felts, you can deliver up to 70 high gloss cases with just one Lucida kit. 

Secondly, Lucida star-shaped felts are unique in their thickness; allowing you to reach areas that were never possible before. Their star shape allows them to have a desired intermittent touch and thanks to their rounded angles they acquire a variable thickness depending on the force and speed applied.

DSC_4548a 50 DSC_4551a 50 DSC_4651a 50 (1) 

Images courtesy of Dr Monaldo Saracinelli.

Untitled design (13)“Thanks to LUCIDA Star rounded angles we acquire a variable thickness depending on the force and speed applied”

Monaldo Saracinelli

Deliver a reliable final gloss on composites & other restorative materials

Lucida comes highly recommended from the Style Italiano team (right)

The Lucida kit contains all you need to deliver the ultimate high gloss for your patients. 

Comprising of 70 Lucida Star disposable felt wheels, 5 Lucida Mandrel autoclavable screw-on mandrels to hold the felts, and 1 Lucida Paste - Lucida has all the materials to deliver an extreme gloss that lasts.


To discover how you can deliver a superior gloss with Lucida can, arrange a free online consultation with the Optident team, by calling 01943 605 050 or alternatively fill out this quick and easy form

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