Achieving An Aesthetic Result In Vital, Endodontically Treated Anterior Teeth

In a recent case study Dr Monaldo Saracinelli presents a case where composite resins allowed for a minimally invasive restoration

S.I Monaldo Saracinelli Profile PicDr Monaldo Saracinelli: Honorary StyleItaliano Member

Monaldo Saracinelli lectures on direct and indirect aesthetic composite restorations in anterior and posterior teeth in Italy and abroad.

He was a student of Prof. Fabio Toffenetti and Riccardo Garberoglio and became student trainer in Conservative Dentistry at the Instituto Policattedra di Discipline Odontostomatologiche Università degli Studi Di Siena” in 1986. He then took on the role of teaching dental technicians on the subject of Biomeccanica masticatoria e Protesi applicate.

He has been an active member of the Accademia Italiana di Conservativa (AIC) since 2005 and of the Italian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (IAED) since 2011.

The below explores 5 key learnings from Dr Monaldo Saracinelli's latest case study. Read the full case study here

1. A carefully selected flowable composite can mask out darker shades and provide a neutral base for restorative work


Dr Monaldo Saracinelli demonstrates how carefully selected flowable 'Masque' from the professional CompoSite system is the ideal tool to both easily provide a neutral base for immediate restorative work and instantly camouflage darker shades of the tooth. 

In the case, he first uses Masque, a high opacity, high value and fluorescent flowable composite to fill the first part of the root canal and provide a neutral base. Masque was next spread on the buccal walls to balance dentin fluorescence loss and to mask the dark colour (pictured below).


Traditionally, it can often take 2 or 3 layers to mask out darker shades (which may involve over prepping the tooth) - but with Masque the darker shade of the tooth is instantly camouflaged. Learn more about the CompoSite system and Masque here

CompoSite CTA

2. Shade selection is key


Dr Monaldo Saracinelli highlights the importance of shade selection, building the whole dentinal body in this case using CompoSite shade Si 2 from the CompoSite professional system

Shade selection is assisted with this system because it includes five high value shades of white, providing the optimum graduation between the varying lighter shades – an absolute must for restorative work on bleached or naturally white teeth.

Learn more about how the CompoSite system works here

3. Create a natural tooth shape with a curved matrix


To create a natural and beautiful buccal shape and contour for or UR1 and UL1, Dr Monaldo Saracinelli opts to use the Unica Matrix system by Polydentia. 

Thanks to its contoured shape, these matrices adapt with ease to the different morphologies of anterior teeth, hugging the cervical and interproximal margins.

Dr Monaldo Saracinelli highlights how use of this matrix makes the final shape predictable, allowing for better time management, easily providing a natural emergence profile. 

Discover the many uses of the Unica Matrix here. 

4. Layer a high quality composite enamel for a natural appearance


The buccal anatomy was layered using the Enamel shade from CompoSite professional systems. This shade features a calibrated translucency and opalescence properties, meaning it is ideal for the two-layer technique or simply characterising the incisal edge.Dr 

Dr Monaldo Saracinelli notes how this shade is ideal due to its refractive index which he says is very close to that of natural enamel. 

5. Provide an affordable, minimally invasive solution for your patients


As this case demonstrates, modern composite resins provide the perfect solution for restorative work; providing patients with an option that is both minimally invasive and affordable. 

White Dental Beauty professional CompoSite used in Dr Monaldo Saracinelli's case, simplifies the restorative process; resulting in beautiful long term aesthetics. Learn more about the system by clicking here or request a free demonstration below. 

Read the full case study here

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