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The Many Uses Of Polydentia Unica Anterior

What is Polydentia Unica Anterior?

Unica is the simple and ideal matrix for anterior restorations such as:

  • Class III
  • Class IV
  • Class V
  • Direct stratification composite veneers
  • Shape modifications

Rendering UnicaThanks to its contoured shape, Unica adapts correctly to the different morphologies of anterior teeth and makes it possible to restore interproximal and cervical margins at once, even in presence of rubber-dam or gingival retraction cords, reducing chair time significantly. 

The placement wings allow fast and efficient matrix positioning. Furthermore, Unica anterior matrix (once positioned) allows the user to easily visualise the final shape of the restoration, even before starting the procedure.


The Many Uses of Polydentia Unica:

1. Class III restoration

“In case of a Class III cavity where the proximal margin is missing, Unica is very useful as it allows the clinician to visualise the final shape even before proceeding with the restoration”.

Dr. Giuseppe Chiodera Brescia, Italy


Images courtesy of Dr. Giuseppe Chiodera Brescia

2. Class IV restoration

“For this Class IV restoration, Unica helps to restore the cervical and interproximal profiles anatomically and in a very fast way”

Dr. Dan Lazar Oradea, Romania


Images courtesy of Dr. Dan Lazar

3. Composite Veneers

“Thanks to the new matrix Unica we have the possibility to restore at the same time the cervical and interproximal margins with significant advantages in terms of shape management and predictability of the restoration”

Dr. Monaldo Saracinelli & Dr. Antonino Nicolò Italy


Images courtesy of Dr. Monaldo Saracinelli & Dr. Antonino Nicolo

4. Shape Modification

“The unique design of Unica makes this matrix an essential and very efficient tool since it enables us to work both in the interproximal and cervical areas at the same time.”

Dr. Carlos Fernández Villares – Madrid, Spain


Images courtesy of Dr. Carlos Fernandez Villares

Polydentia Unica is the one solution for anterior restorations, to find out more call us on +44 (0) 1943 60 50 50 or email

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