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All You Need To Know About The A.s.a.p Family

Problem #1 – Polishing Composite Surfaces

Professionally executed, a high polish can provide life-like vitality to dental restorations. Unfortunately, clinicians are often challenged with systems which provide unfavourable results or present tooth accessibility issues. Additionally, practitioners may be inconvenienced by a variety of polishing systems, using a different system for composites and for porcelains. Achieving the ultimate polish can also become a frustrating and time-consuming task; consisting of multiple steps, or requiring the purchase of specific polishing pastes.     

Solution #1 – A.S.A.P – All Surface Access Polisher

With the A.S.A.P (All Surface Access Polisher), clinicians can easily access all tooth surfaces, delivering the ultimate polish and shine with one easy system. Providing a superior shine in under one minute, with only one shape; the flexible polishing spirals, hug the surface of each tooth, polishing all surfaces with ease. Allowing you to access all areas of the mouth, the adaptable polishers ensure you can deliver a superior polish irrespective of surface position:

Lingual Interproximal labial Lingual occulsal

            Lingual                       Interproximal                       Labial                              Lingual                           Occlusal                                          

The A.S.A.P is ideal for use on all composite surfaces, most ceramics and zirconia, lithium disilicate, provisional materials and resin glass modified ionomers.

What To Expect

ASAP Polishers


Consisting of a simple, two step procedure, the A.S.A.P includes both the Pre-Polisher and the Final High Shine Polisher. Each step takes no more than 30 seconds.



A.S.A.P Pre-Polisher

pre polisher

The A.S.A.P Pre-Polisher is used in the first preparatory step, ensuring the surface is primed for a superior high gloss polish.

Each purple A.S.A.P Pre-Polisher is embedded with 44 microns of diamond particles, which work to gently remove surface irregularities.

To use, simply apply a circular, clockwise motion, between 10,000 and 12-000 RPM. Use gentle pressure and either a damp tooth (or an intermittent water spray), to uncover a smooth and silky surface in under 30 seconds.

A.S.A.P Final High Shine Polisher

final polisher

The A.S.A.P Final High Shine Polisher is used in the second and final step of this efficient and time saving technique.  

Each orange A.S.A.P Final High Shine Polisher is embedded with 3-6 microns of diamond particles, providing a life like final polish.

Extremely durable, the final high shine polisher will go through autoclave approximately 30-40 times, making the cost per application extremely cost effective.

Choose from one of two polishers depending on your requirements:

Small (10mm) for pedodontic restorations and patients with restricted bite

Large (14mm) in a variety kit and refill configurations

Again, to use, apply a light pressure to a damp tooth (or an intermittent water spray) in a circular clockwise motion, until a high gloss finish is achieved. You will note an extremely high lustre is achieved in under 30 seconds, without the need for any polishing paste.

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Problem #2 – Polishing Indirect Restorative Surfaces


Creating an outstanding shine on harder indirect restorative surfaces, is no easy task. Clinicians are frequently frustrated using numerous polishing systems, which may present accessibility issues, or simply not achieve the desired result. Additionally, practitioners can struggle to source a polishing system which is durable, whilst providing consistent, reliable results.


Solution #2 – The A.S.A.P Indirect


With the ASAP indirect, clinicians can easily refine and create outstanding shine on all indirect ceramic restorations. The complete polishing system offers a fast and simple solution which delivers a superior high gloss polish with speed and efficiency. The high concentration of diamond particles, coupled with a durable silicone binder, makes the ASAP indirect the ideal, durable solution for today’s harder indirect restorative surfaces. Much like the A.S.A.P Polisher, the A.S.A.P Indirect also has no problem accessing any surface: occlusal, lingual, interproximal and facial are all no problem.

What to Expect

The ASAP Indirect and Intraoral kit consists of:


1. Three multi-shaped diamond impregnated coarse adjusters (disc, point and cylinder shape)

The coarse adjusters are used in the first part of the preparatory stage; making minor adjustments or removing minor scratches caused by diamond bur adjustments. Each adjuster is extremely versatile and can be used on any of the following: zirconia, lithium disilicate or ceramic prosthesis.




2. One Blue Pre-Polisher

The Blue Pre-Polisher is used in the second part of the preparatory stage; smoothing the prosthetic surface and initiating an initial gloss in a matter of seconds.


ASAP-Indirect+ - Copy

3. One Pink Final High Shine Polisher 

For the final stage of this technique; use the final high shine polisher to apply create a stunning high luster polished surface, using light pressure.




Both the A.S.A.P (All Surface Access Polisher) and the A.S.A.P Indirect, are brought to you by leading brand Clinicians Choice. Dedicated to developing innovative, clinically proven products; Clinicians Choice have made it their mission to provide products which focus on time-saving techniques and their application. Both systems are testament to this mission statement. Saving clinicians time and resources, both polishers provide an outstanding shine for both practitioner and patient. 

To find out more about A.S.A.P or the A.S.A.P Indirect call us on +44 (0) 1943 60 50 50 or email
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