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5 Tips To Market Tooth Whitening In Your Practice

It’s no secret that many dental patients long for a brighter, whiter smile. Catering for this demand not only gives your patients what they want but is also extremely beneficial for the growth of your practice.

Educating your patients about their options and implementing whitening marketing in your practice can be easy with these simple actionable tips:   

1. Display a Whitening Gift Bag

Whitening Gift Bag Opal GoBundling your items together in a whitening gift bag tailored to the holiday season can make an attractive display and encourage whitening sales.

A perfect product for this purpose would be a whitening product such as Opal Go; which with its unique custom form tray, is perfect for travel, top-ups and quick starts. Bundle an Opal Go patient kit with a toothpaste, toothbrush and some attractive holiday packaging, and encourage more whitening conversations!

Pictured Right: Sample Whitening Gift Bag including Opal Go, Opal Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Opal Pix

2. Host a Giveaway during the Holidays

Holiday Giveaway Opal GoHolding a holiday giveaway offering your patients the chance to win one of your premium whitening products, is an excellent way to market whitening in your practice. Place an entry box on your reception side, along with an attractive display and encourage patients to enter the free draw.

A perfect way to begin the whitening conversation, this tip allows your receptionist to highlight the key selling features of your product, along with the offer of a prize. If your practice offers Opal Go, remember to highlight the convenience of the pre-filled trays for immediate use!

Pictured Right: Sample Holiday Giveaway including Entry Cards & Opal Go

3. Start a “Share a Smile” Social Media Campaign

Share Smile Opal GoEncouraging patients to post pictures of their newly whitened smiles on social media is the perfect way to demonstrate the efficacy of your whitening products.

Challenge your patients to tag their picture with your practice page for the chance to be entered in a draw to win a free whitening treatment or Opalescence Go.

This simple but effective technique is a fast way to grow your social media following and promote your practice at little to no cost!

Pictured Right: Opal Go


                                 Before Opal Go                                                                                     After Opal Go       

Before Opal Go Picture After Opal Go Picture  4. Gift Cards

Gift Cards Opal GoOffering whitening gift cards in your practice provides patients with the perfect opportunity to ease the stress of shopping around the holiday season.

For many, a bright while smile is top of the wish list for the new year, and attractively packaged whitening gift card makes the perfectly packaged present.


Pictured Right: Opalescence Gift Cards

5. Make your Practice a ‘Bright White’ Practice

Bright White Opal GoDecorating your practice with whitening towers and free whitening promotional materials, such as counter-top displays, and brochures can do wonders for your practice.

The waiting room is the first thing your patients see when they enter your practice, and the last thing they see when they leave – make it count!

Ensure your whitening products leave a lasting impression on your patients.

Pictured Right: Opal Go Whitening Tower

Opal Go

Whether its holiday season or not, Opalescence Go® can give your patients the smile they’ve always wanted, with no impressions, models or lab time required.

Conforming instantly and comfortably to any patients smile, Opal Go incorporates a unique UltraFit™ tray delivery system which offers molar-to-molar coverage while still providing a custom-like fit and feel. Opal Go is available in 6% Hydrogen Peroxide gel, with a delicious mint flavour providing both a pleasant patient experience and brilliant results.



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