The Importance Of Dental Cpd

Dental CPD is a requirement for all practising dental professionals in the UK. However, there are more reasons why continuing your dental education is so important. 

Dental education extends far beyond your initial training. The learning that takes place after you graduate – the courses you take – are equally important for your continuing professional development (CPD).

We all know we need CPD – but why do we need it? At Optident we know the importance of dental education because we see first hand how developing your skills and techniques can revolutionise your every day dentistry. 

General Dental Council (GDC) Requirements

The General Dental Council (GDC) requires all dental professionals to keep their skills and knowledge up to date.

This is a legal requirement set by the GDC because they believe that:

‘CPD makes a contribution to supporting registrants to maintain our standards and patient protection’ (2018, General Dental Council)

If you want to practice as a dentist or a dental care professional you will need to adhere to the GDCs enhanced CPD scheme.

Not only will this adherence re-enforce to your patients that you are a qualified dental professional but this will help you keep your knowledge in line with the current standards set by the dental industry.

Additionally, maintaining a professional development plan (PDP), will provide a documented record of your competence.

Keep up to date


From dental lasers to teeth whitening; dental technology is constantly evolving –  it’s crucial you keep your skills up to date.

Your CPD can be a great opportunity to get hands-on with new technologies, keeping up with others in the industry; providing added value.

Learning more about the direction of the industry as a whole, will also benefit your practice and your patients - enabling you to provide a higher standard of modern care.

Develop Your Dental Practice


Continuing your dental education will not only benefit you, but also benefit other members of your team.

The additional skills you gain can be shared with other dental professionals in your team, furthering your learning as you impart new knowledge.

Learning new skills can open new possibilities for you and others, giving you scope to take on a coaching or mentoring role.  

Grow Your Career

We are always learning, and your skills can always be refined, enhanced and added to.

With increased knowledge, you can improve both your patient experience and your practice reputation.

In additional to being a great tool for professional growth, your CPD can also be an excellent tool for personal growth.

Many CPD courses combine learning with social or networking events, providing you with the opportunity to develop additional personal skills.  

Irrespective of the skills you develop, continuing your dental education will provide you with an opportunity to assess your existing strengths and weaknesses.

Fine tune your skills, fill in the gaps and grow!

Discover Your Passion

You know your interest is dentistry – but there’s always room for a new passion - something to keep things fresh and exciting!

Your CPD is the perfect opportunity to explore new areas of dentistry you may have heard about, or perhaps want to explore in further detail.

Introductory educational courses can be a great way to explore new topics – getting hands-on with an area that really fascinates you.

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