white Dental Beauty Case: External Dental Bleaching By Marie Clement

There is a clear demand for brighter, whiter smiles – teeth whitening products and services are on the rise.

With more and more patient’s seeking a picture perfect smile, dentists are faced with a variety of cases.

Whilst dramatic results can be achieved with stained teeth, can striking results be achieved if your patient already has a ‘rather white’ smile?

This is the topic of Marie Clements case study – “External Dental Bleaching”

When it comes to whitening agents, there are two key choices: Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide.

This clinical case study explores how White Dental Beauty (Carbamide Peroxide 16%) can be used to dramatically whiten a student’s smile.

Marie Clement White Dental Beauty Case StudyMarie Clement: External Dental Beaching

Marie Clement is a specialist in aesthetic and restorative dentistry with a private practice in Lyon, France. 

Marie Clement obtained her DDS degree from University in Lyon France, in 2011. Her post-graduate studies were in aesthetic dentistry at the Strasbourg University in 2013.  She also teaches aesthetic dentistry at Lyon Dental School and has lectured and taught extensively, both nationally and internationally.



Pre-Operative Assessment

A young hospitality student patient presented at the practice wanting to improve to colour of his teeth. He received an initial assessment and his chief complaint was discolouration of his teeth.

The patient had good periodontal health with no gingival recessions, decay or history of tooth sensitivity.

The starting shade was 2M2 (VITA 3D-Master). The treatment plan involved external tray-based tooth bleaching for this patient.

White Dental Beauty 16% Carbamide Peroxide tooth whitening gel was instructed to be used 1 hour per day for 15 days.

The initial situation is shown with the Vita 3D master bleached guide and as a polarised picture with grey card used to compare with initial and final picture on a screen.

Tooth Whitening Tray Design

 After professional tooth cleaning had taken place, alginate impressions were taken of the upper and lower arch for bleaching tray fabrication (Figure 6). The impression has to be precise, and alginate gives required accuracy.

Basic models were fabricated with dental plaster. Base construction was unnecessary for this procedure. Reduction of the overall thickness of the model at the dental arches, facilitate tray adaptation when vacuum formed.

The buccal surface of model’s teeth were blocked out to create a reservoir for the bleaching gel before tray fabrication. However, there is no difference in the rate of bleaching with or without reservoirs.

The model has to be precise especially in the tooth-gingiva transition, in order to create an accurate tray and avoid extrusion of the bleaching gel (Figure 10).

The base-free model makes it possible to fabricate a more precise custom tray with the in-surgery vacuum machine. Then 1mm soft thermo-forming sheets were used to fabricate the tray, which is very comfortable for the patient.

There is no need to scallop the tray on each tooth. Only 1 or 2mm above the cervical area of each tooth.

Custom trays were checked for accuracy of fit, tissue adaptation, retention and occlusion and the patient was shown how to insert the custom trays and how to apply 16% Carbamide peroxide whitening gel in one drop per tooth.

Final Whitening Results

After 15 days, the patient was satisfied with the final whitening results. 

Before and After Comparison

The digital composition with cross polarised light (Figure 17) and twin flash with diffusing light (Figure 18) are shown below. The left hand side showing before treatment and right hand side after treatment. 


This treatment with White Dental Beauty 16% Carbamide Peroxide tooth whitening gel, used for 1 hour per day proved to be both effective and predictable. Teeth were visibly whitened in less than two weeks. Showing that White Dental Beauty can bleach teeth even in those cases in which the “wow effect” is difficult to achieve, when the starting point is “rather white” or “not very yellow”, which is the case especially with younger patients.

White Dental Beauty Gels are specifically formulated, packaged and delivered with your patients in mind, ensuring you have everything you need to offer them a successful whitening treatment. 

White Dental Beauty's whitening products are available worldwide from your local distributor including Optident for the UK. To order in the UK visit the White Dental Beauty manufacturer page or call +44 (0) 1943 60 50 50. 

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