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What Dentists Need To Know About Wedding Teeth Whitening

The summer months remain the most popular time of the year to get married in England and Wales[1] and a bright, white smile is often top of the wish list for both bride and groom.

If you haven’t considered actively using wedding whitening to grow your practice, here are some thoughts to consider if you wish to make the most of this opportunity:

Wedding Whitening…Now!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, ‘quick teeth whitening for wedding’ is amongst the top search terms relating to wedding teeth whitening. There is a clear consumer demand for fast results, and patients need to understand the benefits of using a professional tooth whitening product with a dentist. A fuss free product is a great selling point for wedding patients who can’t wait to get started on their whitening journey. Patients are often excited to get started straight away and waiting for custom trays to be made can eat into that all-important pre-wedding whitening time!

Opal Go from Ultradent (seen below) is perfect for quick starts; the convenient trays custom form in the mouth using heat activated polymers and can be worn straight out of the package, so patients can start their wedding whitening routine from the day they leave the practice. Furthermore, patients can also feel confident their smile is as bright as it can be, as Opal Go is available in the strongest EU accepted 6% PF Hydrogen Peroxide for optimal results.

Get Creative When Marketing

A Smile as Bright as Their Day  - Opal Go Wedding Whitening can be a big seller and an excellent way to grow your practice; but to maximise your chances of success, it is important to consider your marketing plan. Providing you with ample opportunities for advertising both online and offline, wedding whitening is an area you can really look to explore creative promotional avenues:

  • Bridal Shows allow you to easily showcase how your practice can help couples achieve that dazzling wedding day smile and provide an easy way to start the whitening conversation.
  • In your practice, you can easily advertise the benefits of your wedding whitening services; with posters and flyers - but why not go one step further by hosting your own mini bridal show in your practice? If time allows, Saturday could be the perfect day to promote the wedding whitening services and packages you offer, and you could end up with lots of new patients!
  • Social Media is a powerful tool. If you have permission from previous wedding whitening cases, use the social media channels at your disposal to promote successful before and after cases, along with details of how patients can book deals and packages!


Pictured Above Right: Click to download an editable PDF to promote Opal Go in your practice today. 

                                        Before Opal Go                                                                               After Opal Go 

Before Opal Go After-5

Consider the Wedding Party….

If you are serious about growing your practice with wedding whitening, it’s important to remember that the wedding isn’t limited to just the bride and groom. Every member of the wedding party will want to look their best and the photos taken on the day will last a lifetime. Remember to talk to all potential wedding party guests about the ease of the whitening process.

With Ultradent’s Opal Go, this will be as easy as explaining the six simple steps (pictured).

The unique UltraFit™ trays instantly adapt to the smile of any patient, offering molar to molar coverage; ensuring the maximum amount of gel stays in contact with the teeth. For your patients added comfort, the tray also delivers the most favourable gel quantity; allowing for an easy clean-up after whitening; along with a delicious mint flavour.

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