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What Patients Need To Know About Whitening With Braces

With fixed braces often taking a considerable amount of time, understandably patients are often eager to look their best during the treatment process. Unsurprisingly, a brighter and whiter smile is often at the top of a patients wish list, and professional whitening is recommended as the perfect treatment option following orthodontic work.

For many, whitening during orthodontic work is not presented as an option; however, in many cases whitening at this early stage enables the patient to start feeling confident about their smile much earlier. With that in mind, here are some key points to share with patients who may be considering whitening whilst undergoing their smile makeover.

Fixed Braces? No Problem!

Contrary to popular belief, you can whiten your teeth during orthodontic treatment - even while wearing a fixed brace. Ultradent’s revolutionary Opalescence Go features their unique  UltraFit™ tray, which adapts to the smile of any patient, ensuring molar to molar coverage (see steps 1-5 below).

The innovative tray material easily adapts around the brackets for a comfortable and effective whitening experience, making it the perfect option for whitening smiles with braces. Available in the EU compliant 6% PF Hydrogen Peroxide for optimal results, Opalescence Go will give your patients that extra measure of confidence during every stage of their orthodontic treatment. 


Teeth Still Whiten Under Braces

There is widespread confusion amongst patients about the mechanics of whitening alongside orthodontic treatment. Patients often incorrectly believe that whitening with fixed braces is not an option, supposing that the brackets will impede the whitening agent from reaching all areas of the tooth surface. The opposite is true! Due to the way peroxide penetrates the tooth structure  (spreading throughout the tooth) the whole tooth surface will whiten - including the part covered by the bracket[1].

With the UltraFit™ trays from Opalescence Go, your patients can rest assured the maximum amount of gel will stay in contact with the teeth during the whitening process; giving your patient maximum confidence in the results that can be achieved.

Unboxing Opalescence Go:

It’s Easy & Convenient!

My Smile Model_Opalescence GoTooth whitening with fixed dental appliances doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, it can be easy, quick and convenient. As the name suggests, Opalescence Go is designed for use on the Go and is perfect for travel, top-ups and quick starts; with no impressions, models or lab time required.

The convenient trays custom form in the mouth using heat activated polymers and can be worn straight out of the package.

For your patients added comfort, the tray delivers the most favourable gel quantity; allowing for an easy clean-up after whitening; along with a delicious mint flavour.


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[1] Jadad E, Montoya J, Arana G, Gordillo LAA, Palo RM, and Loguercio AD. Spectrophotometric evaluation of color alterations with a new dental bleaching product in patients wearing orthodontic appliances. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Ortho. 2011;140(1):e43-47.



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