When The Time To Replace Cosmetic Restorations Comes, Composite Veneers

In a recent case study Dr Shiraz Khan presents a replacement of anterior composite veneers using the White Dental Beauty Professional CompoSite System

Shiraz-Khan-bwDr Shiraz Khan: Award-winning aesthetic dentist 

Dr. Shiraz Khan graduated from the University of Birmingham Dental School in 2013. He is currently placed in private practice in the heart of London (Devonshire Place, Chelsea, Fulham and Clapham)

Most recently he has won the Fast Track 4 Award in recognition of his commitment to dentistry and becoming a leader of the future, and has won the Best Young Dentist 2017 at the Dentistry Awards.

He has also been recognised as ‘The Rising European Star in Dentistry 2018’. Most recently his hard work and efforts were recognised by the Young Dentist Academy who appointed Shiraz to become The Director.

The below explores 5 key learnings from Dr Shiraz Khan's latest case study. 

Read the full case study here

1. Whiten prior to restorative work 


Dr Shiraz Khan recommends home whitening prior to restorative work, opting for two weeks home whitening with 1 week 10% and 1 week of 16% carbamide peroxide. 

The StyleItaliano team accredit White Dental Beauty tooth whitening gels, which include clinically reinforced whitening gels with strengths to suit every smile. View the full range here

2. Bond Strength can reduce if completed on the same day as the cessation of the whitening


It is important to note that bond strength can reduce by up to 20% if completed on the same day as the cessation of the whitening treatment.

For this reason, Dr Shiraz Khan recommends to leave a period of two week weeks after whitening, which will allow for any hydroxyl radicals to leach out of the teeth, and for the whitening result to stabilise. 

3. Choose your Composite shade carefully 


Dr Shiraz Khan highlights the importance of pre-operative shade assessment, noting how it is vital to understand the value, enamel and body shades required for the case prior to dehydration. 

In this particular case; patient, nurse and practitioner all agreed on the best shade match (seen above). The shade of choice was Si0.5 from the White Dental Beauty Professional CompoSite system.

White Dental Beauty CompoSite is a unique system, developed to restore healthy smiles in every day practice. The Si0.5 shade in particular was developed to give you a smooth transition between Si0 (the lightest shade) and Si1, giving you the ideal variety for higher value aesthetic cases. 

Why use White Dental Beauty CompoSite?

White Dental Beauty CompoSite, chosen by dentists, for dentists – Accredited and educated by StyleItaliano. White Dental Beauty CompoSite provides the perfect colour palette for restoring whiter smiles; meeting the modern demands of patients for impressive and affordable smile design. A simple and finely tuned toolbox offering high quality aesthetic results in everyday practice. This composite system offers excellent working time, with high wear resistance, excellent handling and a glass like finish. CompoSite is the perfect system for youthful and vibrant aesthetic restorations.

Learn more about White Dental Beauty CompoSite here 

CompoSite CTA

4. Select a matrix to create natural curve/ contour


To create a natural curve/contour Dr Shiraz Khan uses a posterior matrix. He opts to use this vertically to create the desired shape. 

To recreate this approach, the Unica Matrix by Polydentia is an ideal tool; thanks to its contoured shape, meaning it adapts with ease to the different morphologies of anterior teeth

Discover the many uses of the Unica Matrix here. 

5. Use a simplistic shade system 


As this case demonstrates, a simplistic shade system offers a number of benefits. Dr Khan highlights the benefits of using an advanced yet simplified system such as White Dental Beauty CompoSite; noting the benefit of a single enamel shade, stating how it avoids restorative complication. 

Often, providing the shape and form are correct; only one body shade is required with White Dental Beauty CompoSite, really simplifying the technique. Following the use of this body shade (in this case Si0.5), the Si E shade (Enamel) is the perfect option, for a brightness and a natural appearance. 

Read the full case study here

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