White Dental Beauty Bundle Instructions

The White Dental Beauty Bundle deal entitles customers to custom fabricated trays and tooth whitening gel for a special price. Receive hassle free whitening with no compromise on quality with this all-inclusive tooth whitening and custom tray deal. 

Bundle Graphic

With these 6 simple instructions, redeem your custom fabricated trays and tooth whitening gels easily. 

1. Order your White Dental Beauty Bundle Deal by calling 01943 605050. Please ensure your email address is correct and you mention whether or not you need pre-paid postage boxes for your impressions. 

2. After ordering you will receive an email containing your unique Bundle Custom Codes and further instructions from our team. Your whitening kits will be shipped to you along with pre-paid postage boxes for your impressions. 

3. To send your impressions you can send physical impressions or upload them digitally

  • For digital impressions, visit and fill out the form. In this form you will have the option to upload your digital impression in your preferred method. 
  • For physical impressions, print out the PDF attached to the email containing your Bundle Custom Codes and send the completed form with your impression in the pre-paid postage box provided with your whitening kits. 

Make sure you include all the required information including your unique Bundle Custom Code, which can only be redeemed once. 

4. Your custom fabricated trays will be delivered within 7 days of receipt to your delivery address. 

5. Deliver a patient journey like no other, handing across luxury to the patient with their custom trays and tooth whitening kit. 

6. Make a note of which Bundle Custom Code you have used and prepare for your next patient by printing off your next PDF form or bookmarking the Digital Impression form

Don't forget, when you are running low on Bundle Custom Codes you can order more by calling 01943 605050.

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