White Dental Beauty Reviews

White Dental Beauty Reviews

White Dental Beauty is a tooth whitening and composite brand that is transforming smiles worldwide, but what do dentists and patients think of their White Dental Beauty experience.

White Dental Beauty is a globally recognised brand which provides innovative, high quality and clinically reinforced dental products. Accredited and educated by the StyleItaliano Group, White Dental Beauty's range of tooth whitening gels and Professional CompoSite Systems are among the best in the world. 

But don't just take our word for it... Hear what dentists and patients have to say about White Dental Beauty. 

profile-anna-salat@2x"I use White Dental Beauty daily in my practice for many reasons: the first one is because I am achieving good results so I am satisfied and also my patients are satisfied too. The second one is because it has good sensitivity management so my patients almost never have to stop the treatment because of sensitivity. The third and maybe the most important is because it has very nice product with a good marketing strategy behind it. It has great bags, good packaging, different colour, videos for patients, really nice brochures.."

Anna Salat - StyleItaliano honorary member and advocate of White Dental Beauty

Watch the full testimonial video here. 


"The results are predictable, the products and packaging are of high quality and because it is co-branded with our logo, we feel we are also strengthening our own practice image."

Dr Helen James, Dentist


Walter Devoto"White teeth means a bright smile and a healthy smile. Why White Dental Beauty? Personally, I choose it because it's cool. There is fantastic packaging that people like and patients in my opinion really appreciate this marketing material."

Dr Walter Devoto, Co-founder of StyleItaliano

Watch the full testimonial video here. 




"Our patients know that we only recommend and use quality products, which is why we choose White Dental Beauty whitening treatments."

Dr Komal Suri, Dentist


Jordi Manauta"Bleaching for me has not only turned into a pleasant treatment but something really nice to do for my patients by using White Dental Beauty. Since using White Dental Beauty, sensitivity has reduced to virtually zero. It's a way to keep my patients happy, healthy and smiling. Bleaching teeth is not fancy thing to do any more and it's not a painful thing to do either. So me and members of StyleItaliano love to use White Dental Beauty that we accredited some time ago which gives us the best guarantee for our patients, for our courses and for all the people that are following us."

Dr Jordi Manauta, StyleItaliano Honorary member.

Watch the full testimonial video here. 


"White Dental Beauty have very cleverly packaged home-whitening in a travel kit with practice branding at a very affordable price. This has allowed us to provide an own-branded home whitening experience for our patients, and they leave with something tangible, and worthy of the value."

Dr Elaine Halley, Dentist

For patients wanting to learn more about White Dental Beauty tooth whitening gels visit their website here

For dental professionals wanting to purchase White Dental Beauty products you can register here or get in touch

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