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CompoSite Final Cover Image 2000 x 800
24 June 2019

3 Reasons Your Practice Needs A Whitening Restorative Composite System

With a wide range of composite systems on the market, the amount of choice on offer can seem overwhelming. Finding a composite that works well for both you and your patients is a key element in your practice's success, and in a demanding environment; simplicity and predictability are certainly preferable in every restorative process.

As an experienced clinician you will undoubtedly be familiar with composites for different approaches. Perhaps you’re an avid fan of the  layering concept and enjoy recreating inherent characteristics of natural tooth structure, or you prefer the simplicity of a single shade approach. 

Whatever your existing ‘go to’ composite system, the purpose of a whitening restorative system is to serve as an addition – adding value in other areas specific to whitening and aesthetics.

With that in mind, here are 3 reasons why your practice needs a whitening restorative system:

1. Patient Demand

DSC_0663a 50It is undeniable that patient awareness surrounding aesthetic dentistry is increasing. In fact, there is a clear consumer demand for cosmetic dentistry, with the market expected to reach £22.5bn by 2024. For many, whiter teeth mark the beginning of their cosmetic journey towards the perfect smile. Whereas once a smile makeover might have been perceived as a treatment for the rich and famous, now patients expect more accessible treatment options.

Alongside tooth whitening and in some cases orthodontics, a dedicated whitening composite restorative system can help you achieve this.

Catering to the patient demand for a brighter, whiter smile, a dedicated whitening restorative system can not only enhance the treatment you already provide but can also be a valuable marketing asset. With such a system in place you can promote your practice as a specialist in affordable smile makeovers; offering everything your patients are looking for.

2. The Perfect Colour Palette

CompoSite..Whilst you can use almost any composite system as part of a smile makeover, often there can be challenges with shade matching and blending composites into the natural tooth. 

As the interest in aesthetic dentistry increases, assessing tooth whitening shades has become progressively harder. Over the years, bleaching cases have continued to present a myriad of difficulties, as traditional VITA shade guides didn’t always accommodate for the lighter shades.

Composites are made up of different particle sizes and resins tailored to each manufacturers recipe and can therefore look very different in hue, translucency/ opacity and value.  Once cured, composites also take on a chemical change which can alter the colour.  Although VITA is a classic guide for shade matching, it cannot always give an accurate indication, the best way is always to use the cured composite you plan to restore the smile with.

DSC_0114a 50With many patients wanting a brighter, whiter smile, many tooth whitening cases are surpassing the ‘traditionally lightest’ shade of B1.

Whereas once a B1 shade may have been considered ‘white’ - by today’s standards the ‘new white’ is brighter and whiter than the lightest shade on the VITA shade guide.

So, what’s the solution?


  • A whitening composite system with a colour palette comprising of high value shades of white - this is an absolute must for restorative work on bleached or naturally white teeth. Using such a system will provide you with the optimum graduation between the varying lighter shades, allowing you to create the perfect smile makeover.


  • MyShadeGuide_SET-1A personalised shade guide which will allow you to create your own composite samples. Assisting you with creating the perfect aesthetic result, a personalised shade guide will ensure your results are both accurate and natural. Unlike the VITA Classical Guide, a personalised tool such as My Shade Guide (pictured right) will eliminate the issue of a limited colour palette; instead, providing you with all the components, tools and accessories to make your own unique tabs.

3. Patient Convenience

DSC_0654a 50Traditionally indirect smile makeovers can be expensive and time consuming. Procedures such as porcelain veneers can often be off-putting for patients as well as some clinicians; requiring multiple visits, lab work and technique sensitive bonding procedures.

Having a quality whitening composite system in your practice presents both you and the patient with a valuable alternative – convenience.

Part of the beauty of a whitening composite system is the fact that it affords you time. Once you have mastered the art of direct composite veneers; smile makeovers and restorative work for bleached cases will result in drastically reduced chair time over their traditional counterparts.

With a whitening composite system your patients will benefit from a minimally invasive approach, along with aesthetic results delivered in minimal time.

Furthermore, such a system will not only reduce treatment cost for your patients, but ultimately save your practice money as procedures can be performed with simplicity and predictability (often in one appointment).

White Dental Beauty CompoSite


Designed to satisfy the increasing patient demand for whiter smiles, White Dental Beauty CompoSite is the ultimate whitening restorative composite system, accredited and educated by Style Italiano.

Comprising of 5 high value shades of white (Si 0, 0.5, 1,2,3), the system boasts the optimum graduation in colour to compliment bleached teeth, importantly bridging the current between 1 & 0 which is often too wide with the (si0.5 shade).

The vibrant white smiles patients are seeking can be achieved in a single layer and character can be further enhanced by finishing with a very thin layer of universal enamel (0.5mm) which adds vitality and youth to the restorations with opalescence qualities.   

An ideal system for direct composite smile makeovers, as well as individual restorations in the anterior and posterior; White Dental Beauty CompoSite works in complete synergy with White Dental Beauty Tooth Whitening systems – allowing you to create the perfect smile makeover.

Patient photos in this blog are kindly provided courtesy of Monaldo Saracinelli. Read his amazing case study using White Dental Beauty CompoSite in full here.New call-to-action