5 Essential Uses For The Aquacare

The AquaCare collection provides a unique solution for both air polishing (for highly efficient prophylaxis) and air abrasion (for restorative dentistry).

Thanks to a single switch, the AquaCare unit allows users to perform thorough abrasion or gentle prophylaxis with a one second change over.

Not only this, but the AquaCare allows users to perform multiple treatments – offering unlimited possibilities for both patient and practitioner.

With a variety of options to explore; here are 5 essential uses not to be missed with the AquaCare Unit:

1. Cleaning & Stain Removal

If you are looking for a fast and efficient clean, the AquaCare offers the ultimate solution, providing highly efficient stain removal and cleaning.

Unlike many conventional cleaning systems on the market, the AquaCare cleans into the very fine structure of the tooth; accessing even the deepest pits and crevices. Furthermore, the AquaCare can simultaneously treat sensitivity whilst it cleans, providing patients with a comfortable, relaxing experience.

Impressive results can be seen in one visit, and patients will be impressed with their visibility brighter smile: 

Sodium Biocarbonate is the ideal powder for cleaning with the AquaCare unit. It is an excellent choice for the removal of biofilm and general prophy cleaning and the small particle size ensures a comfortable patient experience.  


2. Restorative Work

The AquaCare unit is incredibly versatile and boasts the ability to perform a wide variety of procedures from prepping a tooth for a restoration to prepping a tooth for veneers. As the AquaCare can switch between modes in just one second, it is is the ideal tool for restorative work; enabling users to clean decay before switching back with ease to cutting mode.


Another reason AquaCare is ideal for restorative work is because it increases bond strength with its texturing of the cavity surface: 


“Working with the AquaCare as part of my daily routine gives me the confidence that my bonding is the best it can be" 

Richard Field

Here the AquaCare is demonstrated as the ideal tool for cavity preparation: 

3. Perio 

The AquaCare is the perfect tool to clean bacteria from the pockets around the teeth, preventing destruction of bone and tissue. 


4. Ortho 

AquaCare is the perfect solution for orthodontic treatments such as:  

  • Orthodontic Resin Removal -  using the AquaCare is a great alternative to rotary instruments with no damage to the teeth
  • Stain Removal Around Brackets - With a powder such a Sylc, stains around brackets can be easily removed
  • Debonding - The AquaCare can be used to assist with the removal of bonded orthodontic appliances
  • Prior to Whitening - In cleaning mode, the AquaCare is the perfect compliment prior to a whitening procedure; delivering a fast, efficient clean and stain removal.  


Bhupinder-Dawett‘Air polishing with a bioactive material (Sylc) at low pressure setting to remove residual orthodontic resin as an alternative to using rotary instruments.’

Bhupinder Dawett 


5. Endodontics  

It is widely acknowledged that cleanliness is a key component to the success of endodontic treatment. The AquaCare unit is the ideal tool for this task, providing ideal conditions for endodontic procedures such as remnant removal following root canal therapy.

Freddy-Beliiard‘After the root canal therapy is completed, we end up having obturation cement all over the pulp chamber floor, isthmuses or other retentive areas. Blasting it with sodium bicarbonate and a curtain of water allows me not only to remove all these remnants, but without creating a mess of powder all over my operatories. This will allow for a cleaner environment in which adhesive dentistry can be carried out under ideal conditions.'

Freddy Belliard

AquaCare Endo   AquaCare Endo

                       Before Remnant Removal                                                                     After Remnant Removal



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