All You Need To Know About The Aquacare

The AquaCare from Velopex has revolutionised the dental industry with the perfect solution for dental air abrasion and air polishing for cavity preparation, cleanin and stain removal. Take a deeper dive into the solutions that the AquaCare can provide for practitioners world-wide. 

There are a plethora of devices on the market claiming to offer air abrasion and air polishing – yet many lack versatility, flexibility or capability.

As a dentist or a hygienist, patient care will undoubtedly be at the forefront of your mind. Finding a piece of equipment that delivers a highly efficient clean and stain removal, whilst simultaneously treating sensitivity - can be hard.

Added to this, you need to consider your needs. Many systems offer only one or a few treatment options; or are limiting in terms of user control and comfort.

What Is Air Abrasion In Dentistry?

Dental air abrasion or particle abrasion uses air at a high pressure to deliver a small amount of powder combined with a fine stream of fluid that can remove debris, decontaminate and efficiently clean and polish teeth. 

Air abrasion, unlike traditional handpiece and bur techniques, does not directly contact with the tooth structure. This minimally invasive approach can help put patients at ease, without the vibration, noise and heat that is often experiences with drills. 

Images - AquaCare in use

Not only does air abrasion relieve discomfort for the patient but unlike conventional rotary cutting instruments, air abrasion, especially with the AquaCare unit from Velopex, removes only the minimum of sound tooth material and eliminates the risk of chipping and stress fractures. 

Air abrasion typically uses prophylaxis powders that are made from Aluminium Oxide or Sodium Bicarbonate with different properties for different purposes. 

Why Choose AquaCare?

With the AquaCare collection, dental professionals are provided with a truly unique solution for both air polishing (for highly efficient prophylaxis) and air abrasion (for restorative dentistry), enabling practitioners to provide contact-free and minimally invasive dentistry to patients.

AquaCare uses breakthrough technology to deliver a comfortable, quick and clean procedure by using a fine stream of AquaSol combined with the wide range of prophylaxis powders to satisfy a wide range of cases, including: 

  1. Adhesive dentistry
  • Implant
  • Perio
  • Bonding
  • Laboratory
  • Remineralising
  • Cleaning
  • MI
  1. Restorative dentistry
  • Desensitising
  • Ortho
  1. Stain removal
  • Endo
  • Paediatric
  1. Veneers
  • Hygiene
  • Pekkton
  1. Supra or Sub Gingivally


To allow for the widest range of cases, AquaCare was designed with a unique cartridge system that allows the user to switch between powders within seconds. 

AquaCare package their powders in specifically designed cartridges: much like coffee capsules they are designed to maximise simplicity. This patented cartridge delivery system also future proofs the AquaCare unit as Velopex constantly develops new powders to maximise and grow the uses for AquaCare. 

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The disposable multi use powder media cartridges are quickly, easily and hygienically interchangeable creating no mess. For ease of use, cartridges are colour coded so you can quickly identify the media you wish to use. 

AquaCare Prophylaxis Powders

Currently there are five AquaCare Prophylaxis Powders available in the UK from Optident: 

Cutting, Caries Removal & Cavity Preparation

Prophylaxis, Cleaning and Polishing, Desensitising & Remineralising 

Images - AquaCare Cartridges

For additional efficiency, the cartridge has an inbuilt feed system that eliminates blocking, allowing you to provide a quality patient experience without annoying blockages.

Multi-Functional AquaCare Handpiece

The unique design of the AquaCare ensures that air passes through the media, allowing for separation of particles, maximising kinetic energy delivered through its handpiece.

The patented handpiece gently delivers a high-speed fluid stream to create a liquid curtain around the abrasive medium that eliminates free borne dust particles. This allows you to provide comfortable and efficient cavity preparation and cleaning. 

The autoclavable handpiece comes in colour-coded nozzle sizes 0.6mm and 0.8mm and are made from long-life tungsten carbide that easily change to suit the treatment

Offering a variety of benefits, the multi-functional handpiece ensures comfort for both patient and practitioner by offering:

  • Easy manoeuvrability – The handpiece is lightweight and easy to hold, offering full mouth access.
  • Multiple Functions – Whether you want to cut or clean, the hand-piece performs to a superior standard.
  • Adjustable Speed & Power – You are in control! Adjust the pressure and the amount of powder to suit your treatment option.
JordiManauta with AquaCare

With the AquaCare, an entire procedure can be performed without removing the tip from the oral cavity thanks to the triple action foot control.

Users can cut, clean, wash and dry through the same handpiece; operating continuously without interruption, with the single handpiece supplying air, water and/or treating medium.

Designed specifically for use in the AquaCare unit, this fluid is the perfect complement to your patient experience, with a beautiful vanilla fragrance. The 17.5% ethanol content helps to sterilise the inner workings of your AquaCare unit, helping to maintain hygienic procedures.

Results With The AquaCare

The AquaCare allows you to change between treatments at the flick of a switch, providing the ultimate convenience and saving you time – the AquaCare allows you to perform thorough abrasion or gentle prophylaxis with a one second change over.

Perfect for the dental professional who needs to quickly change between treatments, the AquaCare can quickly clean decay, before switching back to cutting mode.

AquaCare Cleaning

The AquaCare unit is designed to empower dental professionals, allowing you to focus on the success and quality of their treatment, and the patient experience.

Download the full range of cases from dental practitioners around the world who use and love the AquaCare here

Embraced by over 100 key opinion leaders around the world, the AquaCare collection is already a leading range; offering unlimited possibilities for both patient and practitioner. 

Check out our blog if you want to see 5 uses of the AquaCare that could benefit your practice or book your FREE demonstration here.

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