Tissue Management Products: Where It All Began...

It’s no secret that tissue management is key to quality direct and indirect restorations. The presence of blood can hinder quality work, and this is crucial in the impression-taking process where accuracy is critical.

With a wide range of tissue management products on the market today, the history of the first dental product to achieve profound haemostasis can be traced back to 1974.

Here, we explore the story and evolution of tissue management products within the dental industry.

A Unique Invention - Astringedent

Dr. Fischer_Clinic_RGBFollowing graduation from dental school at Loma Linda University, Dr Fischer (pictured right) started his own dental practice. As his practice grew, he quickly realised that rapid, profound haemostasis was imperative for quality tissue management and operative dentistry.

Realising there were no products on the market that predictably treated bleeding and sulcular fluid, he decided to develop one. Working to find a predictable solution to the problem, Dr Fischer often worked late into the night experimenting with different chemistries – even drawing his own blood to test their haemostatic effects.

Finally, in 1976 Dr Fischer invented and patented Ultradent’s ground-breaking haemostatic solution, Astringedent®,—a 15.5% ferric sulfate solution that when combined with a unique scrubbing technique he also pioneered, could instantly and predictably coagulate bleeding.

Travelling to industry trade shows, Dr Fischer demonstrated Astringedent’s ability to achieve rapid, profound haemostasis by drawing his own blood over and over. Realising he would need a company to back his revolutionary product, Dr Fischer founded Ultradent products, Inc. in 1978.

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Revolutionising the Dental Industry

The introduction of Astringedent more than 30 years ago set a new industry standard for rapid, profound haemostasis – revolutionising dentistry by cutting down on chair time and decreasing costly impression remakes.

The invention of Astringedent paved the way for Ultradent’s family of flagship tissue management products, including ViscoStat®, ViscoStat® Clear and the Ultrapak retraction cords.

Whilst Astringedent® comprises of 15.5% ferric sulfate, ViscoStat® provides a more viscous alternative to Astringedent and boasts a higher ferric sulfate content of 20%. ViscoStat is the perfect solution for heavy bleeding, achieving rapid, profound  haemostasis in just a matter of seconds. Ensuring unsurpassed kindness to tissues, the viscous solution won’t run, drip or migrate to other teeth.

ViscoStat® Clear is a 25% aluminium chloride solution which also comes as a viscous, spreadable gel but works to stop more minor cases of bleeding. It provides ideal haemostasis for aesthetic cases thanks to its clear formula, which leaves behind no residue and doesn’t stain hard or soft tissues. Designed for the aesthetic zone, it stops all minor intraoral bleeding and rinses away effortlessly.

Ultrapak retraction cords are 100% cotton knitted cords which can be soaked in both ViscoStat® and ViscoStat® Clear; providing easy packing, excellent absorption and exceptional retraction. The  proprietary knitted design features tiny loops which form long, interlocking chains. As knitted loops seek to open, this allows it to pack into the sulcus, absorbing fluids, and expanding for adequate retraction better than braided or twisted cords.

Facing a New Challenge

Metal Dento-Infusor tipHaving successfully launched the breakthrough Astringedent®, Dr Fischer also knew that coagulating the blood on the surface in “blobs” wasn’t enough because as soon as he would rinse off the dried blood, it would start to bleed again.

He knew he needed to somehow get the Astringedent inside of the capillary openings, not just on top of them, and the Metal Dento-Infusor tip was created. Its padded brush end is used to scrub and rub the haemostatic into the cut capillaries, providing profound haemostasis and resulting in a clean, dry, ready-to-mold preparation.

Ultradent Tissue Management Solutions

Ultradent are proud to manufacture cutting-edge dental materials that raise the bar for quality dentistry. Their quality tissue management products are versatile and valuable products that can be used in any practice with predictable, reliable results.

Purchase or learn more about the wide range of Ultradent tissue manage solutions here

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