What Is The Styleitaliano Direct Workflow?

The StyleItaliano Direct Workflow presents a combination of world class products, practical methods and dedicated learning programmes to offer patients the smile they deserve. 

As the patient demand for picture perfect, white smiles is on the rise, smile enhancing treatments are now becoming a key part of everyday practice. It is essential for practitioners to learn the skills necessary to restore healthy smiles in practice, using methods that are predictable and repeatable.

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What’s more, developing these skills can help you grow your practice by allowing you to perform minimally invasive dentistry and give your patients the smile they deserve. With this in mind, StyleItaliano, the inspirational group of world-class dentists, have collaborated with dental product manufacturers to create the StyleItaliano Direct Workflow. 

The Nine Stages Of The StyleItaliano Direct Workflow


StyleItaliano have combined a unique blend of simple techniques, handpicked materials and first-class education that enables every dentist the skills to offer their patients minimally invasive, predictable and repeatable results. 

Each of the nine sequential stages in The StyleItaliano Direct Workflow teach a specific skill and advocate use of an instrument or system.

Each stage follows a methodology backed by StyleItaliano and uses a hand picked product that is deemed a ‘must have’ for achieving the ultimate smile makeover.

Used together, all stages of the StyleItaliano Direct Workflow gives every dentist the tools to offer their patients the smile they deserve using minimally invasive, predictable & repeatable results. 

Stage 1: Photography and Documentation

SmileLine MDP UnitProfessionally taken, before and after photographs have the power to attract new patients and can also act as a valuable tool to showcase your skill set and promote better oral hygiene to patients. 

Dental photography and documentation can be a vital step to accurate diagnosis and treatment planning as well as serving as an important visual aid for dentists to communicate procedures, treatments and results to patients.

StyleItaliano recommend use of the Smile Lite MDP – a tool which makes professional dental photography accessible to all, irrespective of your level of skill.

The Smile Lite MDP allows all dental professionals to easily take colour corrected photographs with a smartphone, an effective alternative to SLR cameras.

Stage 2: Tooth Whitening 

Tooth whitening is recommended to create the perfect foundation for aesthetic dentistry by offering noticeable patient results that are affordable for both patient and dentist. Tooth whitening is becoming more and more popular with patients and offering a solution that can manage sensitivity effectively for every patient is a great way to boost your practice offering. 

White Dental Beauty Whitening Results

White Dental Beauty teeth whitening gels are recommended by StyleItaliano because of the effective sensitivity management and consistent results. White Dental Beauty tooth whitening uses NOVON that produces a "pH jump" that enhances the release of perhydroxyl ions for a faster whitening effect. White Dental Beauty tooth whitening gels are part of the #WHITEOLOGY methodology which satisfies the increasing patient demand for whiter smiles with predictable, repeatable smile enhancing treatments. 

Stage 3: Loupes & Magnification 

Univet LoupesDental and medical treatments demand a high level of concentration and can be exhausting, especially on the eyes and back.

Reduced vision and insufficient lighting can result in high levels of fatigue and can compromise working posture, which causes many dentists back and neck issues. 

Dental loupes are an essential tool to improve posture, accuracy and precision for any dental work. 

The StyleItaliano Direct Workflow firmly promotes the use of dental loupes, recommending the Univet dental loupes range. Whilst stylish and comfortable, Univet loupes are renowned for their bespoke services and superior performance in magnification globally.

Stage 4: Preparing & Cleaning 

Creating a clean surface prior to bonding is vital for effective and reliable restorations and essential in all areas of a smile makeover. 

Traditional drills and polishers are often a very intimidating for patients and providing a minimally invasive solution can help improve patient experience. 

To perform air polishing and air abrasion with ease, the StyleItaliano Direct Workflow recommends the AquaCare unit, a dual use system that allows you to switch between air polishing and air abrasion at the flick of a switch.

AquaCare Pre Treatment

With an interchangeable range of prophylaxis powders that can be used for abrasion, cleaning, polishing and desensitising, the AquaCare unit can perform contact free dentistry in a multitude of different areas.

Stage 5: Matrix Systems 

Unica MatricesAs a key structure in the success of of direct anterior restorations, effective matrix systems can produce natural, healthy looking results for all dentists. 

A tool that recreates the natural tooth shape and interproximal contact is vital for restorative procedures. The StyleItaliano team favour the Unica Matrix, referred to as the ‘one solution for anterior restorations’.

The Unica matrices can be used for class III, IV, V, direct stratification composite veneers and shape modifications whilst also allowing dentists to restore both interproximal and cervical margins at once.

With easy placement and natural looking results, the Unica matrices are the perfect solution for restorative treatments. 

Stage 6: Shade Taking 

One of the biggest challenges with shade taking is that differences in colour, light and tooth characteristics can make it hard to select the right shade. Choosing the right composite shade is crucial to provide a harmonious blend with the patient's natural dentition for truly aesthetic restorations.

CompoSite has five shades of white-1

A pillar of the StyleItaliano Direct Workflow is My Shade Guide by SmileLine– a system which allows you to create your own personalised shade guide, which enables you to select the right shade, every time.

Stage 7: Restoring

There is clear patient demand for whiter, brighter smiles with lasting aesthetic results. Subsequently, many dentists struggle to find the right shade when restoring with composite. A fundamental part of every smile makeover is a good composite system that can offer the perfect colour match for bleached or white teeth whilst also offering natural looking results. 

StyleItaliano promotes the use of a professional composite system, that can offer predictable and repeatable results for a whiter, healthier smile. 

CompoSite can be used in conjunction with enamel for a two-layer technique

The Professional CompoSite System by White Dental Beauty is recommended by StyleItaliano as a result of the 'five shades of white' and its excellent handling. 

The Professional CompoSite System is part of the #WHITEOLOGY methodology which satisfies the increasing patient demand for whiter smiles with predictable, repeatable smile enhancing treatments. Combining White Dental Beauty Professional CompoSite Systems and tooth whitening gels, this discipline focuses specifically on bleaching and restoring, allowing you to use a minimally invasive approach to an affordable and predictable smile design. 

Stage 8: Sculpting

LM Arte Instrument RangeComposite restorations can be challenging without the right instrumentation and finding the perfect instrument for you can be challenging with ergonomics and tactile sensitivity playing a big part in instrument selection. 

The LM Arte range from StyleItaliano have been created especially for composite layering and for easy, efficient and quick restorative treatments. 

Colour coded, each instrument in the set has a specific purpose and value in the practice with ergonomic handle design for complete control. 



Stage 9: Finishing & Polishing 

StyleItaliano Finishing Bur KitBreathe life into your new restorations with the final stage in the StyleItaliano Direct Workflow; finishing and polishing help provide life-like vitality to dental restorations. 

This stage is made of two steps; bur finishing then high lustre polishing. StyleItaliano recommend the StyleItaliano finishing bur kit for providing a repeatable bur protocol with precise guidance and ultimate control.

Then the White Dental Beauty Si Shine polishing kit is recommended to help create a high lustre polish without the need for additional polishing pastes.  



Learn more about the StyleItaliano Direct Workflow recommended products and testimonials from StyleItaliano members or book your free demonstration on any of the products in the workflow.

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